Sunday, September 15, 2013

Life’s Strange Doings

    I realize that I’m only seventeen, but I think that it is very safe to say that I am much older mentally. Sometimes I feel so old and I have to remind myself that my life has only just started.
    Over a week ago a fifteen year old boy at my school took his own life. His death sent my small southern town into a state of shock that has carried many forms since the day we all found out that he was dead. This town has a habit of forming rumors and spreading them like wildfire. While no one actually knew or understood why he killed himself, some seemed determined to jump to bullying. If any of the people who accused that poor girl for bullying him is reading this, I’d like to have your attention. It was bizarre to me to see how people who really had nothing to go on so swiftly made up stories and only saw the things that made their claims seem more valid. I swear to god, I live in the Twilight Zone. These students AND adults jumped on a bandwagon to harass a girl who they were hearing rumors about. How pathetic we are as a species to not learn anything from the hurt that the boy already suffered. Would he have wanted revenge even if he was bullied? No. He was a kind person. He was not petty and he did not seek out revenge.
   He killed himself. Yes, bullying is a problem. But how can the idiots of this town not realize that by bullying another child you are doing nothing but cause more harm? Harm that does not need to be done.
   I beg you all to love one another as if everyone you come into contact with is family. We have so much hate in this world. Please make a conscious effort to spread love instead.
Peace, love, and compassion,