Monday, July 4, 2011

Crying like a baby over Titanic...every single time

I hate those Titanic marathons on TV. Because somehow, I always end up watching it and when I watch the end of it, I always cry. I never cry when Jack dies, but the entire movie after that always makes me bawl! So, while my brother laughed at my tears and assured me that it was only a movie, I couldn't help but laugh. Laughing while crying makes you sound like you're about to burst into hysterics. I advise you to always shut off your laugh box when crying even if it seems unnecessary. No one feels comfortable around a person crying and laughing like a mad woman.
Maybe it was because it's almost that time of the month again. Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for tragic love stories. Or maybe, It's because I cry over tons of movies, books, and TV shows :)
So arm yourselves with tissues, a bowl of your personal favorite fattening food, and watch a sad movie :)


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