Monday, April 30, 2012


Lately my Biology 1 class has been learning about the theory of evolution. I've learned even more about the ignorance around here.
You know, I don't claim to be a scientist, but I am a Christian (even if my beliefs are somewhat different), and you know what? I believe in evolution. And let's get really crazy and go out on a limb here....I also don't think the big bang theory is too insane to fathom.
As I watched the documentary on Charles Darwin with the rest of my class, and watched the faces of my classmates who weren't even trying to learn anything from the movie, I realized that the thirst for knowledge and the lack of open-mindedness in our generation is astounding.
But then again, it's always been like this.
People are so quick to say things are wrong, to say things are the way they are with no exceptions, that they never stop to actually learn.
If you're a Christian, why is it so hard to believe that God put species on the Earth with the ability to evolve? Or that God caused the big bang?
I'm not saying that the big bang is what caused everything to burst into existence, but I'm saying that it isn't a ridiculous possibility.
I mean, even humans are still evolving! We have to change and adapt to live in different places and cope with different environments and climate changes. 
We still aren't even using our brains to the fullest potential, as evidenced by the lack of intelligence in my school. I'm not saying that it's wrong to NOT believe in evolution, we can all have our own ideas on things, but why not want to wonder? Why not stop and think about whatever it is that you're so quickly writing off?
Last night, my brother told me he didn't want to grow up. Do you know what I told him? And I know this is cheesy. You were warned.
As long as you are always able to question things, imagine, and create, you haven't grown up. As long as you can still find the good in the world.
And he said, "What good?"
That really touched my heart. Sometimes my brother reminds me of myself at that age. It scares the crap out of me.
So I climbed back down from his bunk-bed, flipped off his light and said, "There's always good in the world, Nate. You just have to look hard enough."
Anyway, that small conversation with my brother made me wonder why so many people have lost that ability to question things. My whole life, my parents have taught me to figure things out for myself. Whether that thing be how to put together a model, or what my views on politics are.

Peace, love, and thinking before speaking,

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Arguments of the Fun Variety

My best friend Paige and I have the most ridiculous arguments, but they always make me laugh :)
More recently, we argued over the show Vampire Diaries. If you aren't familiar with the show, I'll break it down for you.
Basically, it's extremely loosely based on a series of books that weren't the best in the first place.
I should also go ahead and admit that I loyally watched this show for two and a half seasons before I finally got tired of watching the writers run out of ideas. Pretty much, the show is a supernatural soap opera, complete with people (and vampires) that just can't stay dead.
Also I should mention that from the very beginning of the show, I was rooting for Damon to end up with Elena.
On to the argument :)
In the latest episode (which Paige wanted me to watch since I stopped watching the show 5 episodes ago) Damon and Elena kissed for like the third time in three seasons. Because Elena is a total idiot and still has feelings for Stefan, she messed everything up. Like usual.
Anyway, Paige is on Stefan's side of everything because of some reason I've never quite understood.
Her argument is, if you knew that someone loved you and was always going to be good for you (Stefan) why would you choose someone who loves you, but is sometimes a tad bit insane (Damon)?
Obviously, I've always been for Damon because he's a tortured hero. Stefan is a whiny little baby who gets on my last nerve! So, my answer to Paige's question is: I would pick Damon because even though he has break downs sometimes, he needs Elena to help him keep everything together.
If there were a guarantee that someone would always be there for you and never screw up, you wouldn't have to try would you? It would be too easy. What's love without a challenge at some point? :)
So there you have it Paige, I've given you an answer :)
Even though this chick disagrees with me over Vampire Diaries, she was cool enough to take my glasses off my face last night before I crushed them in my sleep. For that, I thank you. :)

Peace, love, and crappy acting,

Friday, April 13, 2012

Random Scribbling #1

I am looking 
But not seeing 
Inside my head is reeling 
From every battle of the day 

My mouth is moving 
But not speaking 
Underneath feet are floorboards creaking 
From the weight of words to say

You are looking 
But not seeing 
The person that I have become 

Peace, love, and pathetically crappy poetry, 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Bay House

Ever since I was little, my family has gone on trips to the "Bay House".
Even now, I'm not exactly sure how to describe why it's so special to me. I mean, it's a building made mostly of concrete. Concrete block walls, concrete floors, otherwise impervious to dirty kid feet that are covered with a mixture of mud, sand, and bay water. In other words, it's a prefect place for children. No matter their age :)
My grandfather's parents built the house years and years ago and since then, it's been through several hurricanes.
There are three bedrooms with beds about as comfortable as sleeping on a piece of plywood, and a single bathroom that is often shared between more than a few too many people. I couldn't love it more.
All my life, I've found magic in different places. The bay house, the river bank behind my house, a clearing in the woods, an empty field. All of these places are special to me, and always have been.

In the summer of seventh grade, as I was finally breaking out of the lowest point in my life, I burned the pages from the diary that I had written so many ridiculous fears in. So many pointless, meaningless thoughts that had once had a hold on my life. I burned them in the fire pit at the bay house, gathered the ashes, and tossed them into the ocean at the end of the dock. I know that might sound stupid, but it was my way of letting go of everything that had prevented me from living a happy and healthy life for those past two years.
               The picture above was taken in 2007, it's my father and I standing by the sea wall.

Sometimes, at night, I like to go and sit on that sea wall and just listen to the waves slapping at the shore. One day, I hope to bring my kids to this place. I hope they love it as much as I always have.
When my brother and I were a lot younger, we used to pretend that we were Hansel and Gretel as we walked along the sandy road outside the house. Not sure why we picked those characters. They have got to be my least favorite fairy tale ever.
Here are some pictures from last summer :)

This is my personal favorite. The crab was pinching me. Raw emotion was captured in this picture folks. Raw emotion.

So what about all of you? Do you have a special place that you've always loved?

Peace, love, and catching crabs (ha),

Friday, April 6, 2012

Another Post of Pictures

First of all, I want to apologize for my ridiculously long absence as far as blogging goes. I was about to write a really lengthy post instead of posting some new pictures, but then I realized that I was just too lazy. So here, ladies and gentlemen, are a few pictures that I've taken with my new camera :)

 The plant above is the exact color of Paige's hair, but of course she never looks at the camera :)
 Like I said, she hates pictures :)

 This picture is in full color, it was a bad storm rolling in.

 I really love this picture :)