Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In case you were wondering...

No, I do not intentionally put extra "L's" At the end of my sentences. They're suppose to be exclamation marks, but because I'm using such a cute font, they come out looking like L's...

See? !!!!!!! <---- Those were suppose to be exclamation marks... but instead, you see the letter L...

Cool flower picture :)

Here's a cool selective color picture of a flower growing in our garden :)

My crazy little brother Nate :)

I have a little brother named Nate (It's really Nathaniel but unless he grows up to be either a king or a CEO, I doubt he'll ever go by that lol) and he's insane just like his big sister :) Sure we fight all the time, but in all the time that we aren't fighting (which is more than you think) we laugh so hard :) 
Even though he's the most annoying human being EVER sometimes... I still love him :) That kid is pretty funny sometimes! And he always thinks that I'm hilarious :)

Here's a few pictures that I took of him today :) It's hard to get a good picture of that kid because he hates having his picture taken.

I made this "motivational poster" on Photobucket :)

:) Hope everyone has a great day filled with spit sprinklers :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On the bright side.... :)

After looking at the stats for my blog, I realized that literally no one is really reading it. That would kinda make me sad if it wasn't for the fact that I really am just starting out :) I haven't even really read into the whole blogging community yet :)
My goal is to find other people with similar interests that are also just starting out :)
Since I'm super tired and Kimberlee is coming over tomorrow, (Yay!!!) I should really get some sleep before I...

  • Pass out on my computer keyboard and post a beautifully written article on repetitive letters: YYYYYYYYYYYYHHHHHHHHGGGGGFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAA
  • Drink too much caffeine and don't go to sleep until 4 in the morning meaning: Dark circles, unclean room, and overall zombie like appearance.
  • Worst option? Have nightmares for the fourth night in a row and have no chance of sleep whatsoever :)
Real quick before I go to bed; lately I've been having awful nightmares and they won't stop!
Last night it was a dream about my breaks being cut and crashing the car.. Not exactly my cup of tea..

~SaRa :)

Things that annoy me: #1, people blocking the things you need with hoverounds

I've decided that since so many things annoy me, why not make a list? In fact, I'm making a whole new page dedicated to them right here on my blog. What I want to know is, how many of my pet peeves are yours too? Or am I just a very easily annoyed person? Haha :) So leave me a comment (On the pet peeve page or on my post) telling me about what annoys you!

There's nothing like walking calmly into the shampoo and conditioner aisle at Walmart, to find your favorite brand blocked by a person on a scooter. You don't want to tell them to move because they're old and you feel bad that they're in a scooter, but you really want those Herbal Essences!
To make matters worse, they might have hearing problems. It sorta makes you look like a terrible person when John Smith comes around the corner and sees you yelling at Grandma, "MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!" Does John care that she has hearing problems and you were only trying to get her to understand? No. Which is why he calls security and you're thrown out of Wally World.

I don't really understand why they do this, unless it's out of spite for the people who don't have to be in a hoveround. If that's the case, then when I'm old I'll be sure to turn down the volume on my hearing aid and conveniently park my scooter in front of the video games. When those crazy whippersnappers tell me to move, I won't even be able to hear them. :)
Don't get me wrong, I love old people. But there should seriously be No Parking signs set up next to the shelves. :)


More black and white pictures.... of hands and feet!

What do you get when I'm bored all day and decide to use my tripod and digital camera? Pictures of hands and feet! In black and white of course :) I added quotes to the ones of my feet to make it less horrifying for you :)

Sorry it's a little too exposed! ....Somewhere Kimberlee is laughing :)

I LOVE that quote! (Check out my dirty feet!)

Even though my mom thinks my arm looks dead in all of these pictures... I happen to think they're cool :)

My Favorite hand picture :)

Surprise! ...Another one lol

My favorite picture that I've ever taken :)

So I hope I didn't traumatize anyone!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

New hair! :)

I got my hair cut even shorter yesterday and I really love it! :) I'll post pictures later :)

Sorry again for not posting much, I just haven't felt like I had anything interesting to write about :(
Speaking of writing, I'm taking a break from the novel and working on a short story. I really hope I can at least finish a short story. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Laser Tag!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday!
So today I went with the rest of the cross country team to play laser tag in Nashville :) It was soooo fun! I got 7th place out of like 25 or 30 :)
I also learned that there are a lot of really cool and fun people on the team, which I sort of already figured :)
We went to the mall to eat and got ice cream on the way home :)
Can't wait for the season to start! I just hope I can keep my time up!

Sorry for such a short blog but I'm realllly tired!

~ Sara

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Black and White Pictures

Black and white pictures are my favorite. They make me look at the details more I think :) Here's a few pictures from our trip to Savannah, Georgia :)

Mom standing in the cemetery

A weird looking tree :)

Mom took this one :) It's me looking through a tree with my Pentax :)

Old dumpsters

Dad looking at the street
Yep :) Those pictures aren't the best at all, but I found them on my computer and I thought I'd share :)


The Rain

This rain came out of nowhere! I Just got back from running and the next thing I know, it's pouring outside :)
I wish it would rain a lot more, I love the smell of rain in the summer :) I also love thunderstorms, but it doesn't look like a storm is about to hit us :(
As long as there are no tornados :)

I found out that I really love blogging :) I'm so glad i gave it a second chance. I know most of my posts probably annoy y'all because they're so long and boring, but oh well :) I'm not making anyone read this :)

~ Sara
Me riding The Beast rollercoaster at King's island lol

I look so crazy! But then again....I always do :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Stray Dog

Luna June, the stray dog

I love how life is full of unexpected coincidences. Three days ago or so, it was raining and we were driving to my nanny and granddaddy's house to drop off something. I was driving, and on the side of the road, running in the direction of our neighborhood, was a black and white dog with a long collar that was too big for her. I thought that it was pretty sad, watching the poor dog running in the rain like that, but  mom thought it was just a dog running to it's home. 
The day after that, I was running around the neighborhood and saw the same exact dog standing by someone's mailbox. I figured that that was her home and didn't think twice about it. 
Today, mom says "Sara, whose dog is that?" And i walk in there and see the same dog standing on the front porch beside Liberty (My other dog). 
I told mom who the dog was and she remembered her and we walked outside to pet her. 
I think her leg was broken but it healed really bad, now it sort of sticks out at a weird angle and she can't run fast. Her teeth are broken and some are falling out, we think she has the mange because an entire chunk of hair is missing on her side. 
You get the idea, she's in really bad shape. Not to mention the fact that she's very emaciated and cowers down when you make any sudden movements. 
Mom fed her and got her some water and I was happy, mom's never too happy about me finding strays... Or rather, strays finding us :)
I wore some gloves to rub her because I don't know what kind of mange she has. I'm praying that it's not the contagious kind. that would be terrible. 
Anyways, I named her Luna June because I love the word Luna and she showed up in June :) 
I would have named her another book character name (hence Peeta Potter) but she looks like a Luna June to me :)
She's a very sweet dog even though she has some issues, and she follows me everywhere I go outside. I hope strays and any other animals (including mice) always show up here :) 

~ Sara 

Back Home! :)

The Field

So after a very long drive back due to a terrible traffic jam, we made it home! :)
The trip was very fun, but like always, I'm glad to be back home :)

I'm pretty tired thanks to staying up late last night to work on the novel, but I'm happy with the progress I'm making :)
Just a 100,000 more words to go.... well, at least somewhere around there :) I only have about 6,000 words right now thanks to the trip and not having enough nights where i can stay up until three. I also keep getting side tracked by the two other novels that I was working on previously. Both of which have more than 15,000 words a piece.
Considering that the story I'm working on now is the easiest to write and I love the plot, I'll try to stick with it from now on :)

The Flip video camera software STILL isn't working, so I was forced to take the harder option of loading each individual video clip... Oh well :) I'll post some videos of the trip later!

~ Sara :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

On the road to Ohio and my new best friend Slothy

We found the sign for Elizabeth town! One of my favorite movies EVER :) If you haven't seen it, you should watch it :)

I don't know the name of this building, but by this point, we had made it to Cincinnati and I was so wishing for a toilet and a burger :)

This girl ROCKS! She's a sloth by the way (if any of you were wondering about what exactly the big hairy creature with weird claws hanging from the tree was) and she was so cute! She wasn't even in a cage :) Me and Slothy (what I named her) are best friends now because I was the only one that thought she was cute :)

I honestly kept waiting for them to break out into song....

This cool guy was just walking around, minding his own business, when a herd of kids chased him. I felt bad for the little guy... And, let's be honest here, I was a little disappointed that he didn't whirl around and bite one of the kids... JUST KIDDING... but you know it would have been reallly funny..

So that concludes most of my day in Ohio :) I'll try to update this tomorrow, but i really doubt that will happen since my battery is really stupid... and I left the charger at home..

~ Sara

Super 8 with the girls :)

Super 8 was a GREAT movie! And what made it even better was seeing it with the girls :) Even if I did think I was going to wet my pants a few times... But that's beside the point :)
For those of you who still don't know what this movie is about, it's about a big alien that eats people..and dogs. Bring an extra pair of pants with you, there are a lot of surprises :) It was prettty funny too :) and sad... :)

 I also happened to find Mr. Taylor's new movie poster :) WOO TAYLOR!!! :D


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chips and Salsa... For Breakfast..

Ellie girl! :) 

Sometimes breakfast food just doesn't cut it. It's always the same, cereal, pancakes, muffins, bacon....cereal. 
Am I going to eat that everyday? I think not. Which is why today, I ate spicy salsa and chips...with milk so that I wasn't fully committed to breaking the "Breakfast Rule". 
 ~ :) Sara 

What was I thinking?

Peeta Potter!!!! :D 

When my mom got me up this morning to run, I really didn't want to. It's seven o'clock...It's probably hot out there... I kept coming up with reasons not to. Remember how I said that sometimes I make myself run? Well today was one of those days. 
I got out on the road and took off even though I wasn't really wanting to go and I ended up having fun :) 
I got chased by a little yappy dog, saw two HUGE spiderwebs, and the sun coming through the trees was pretty cool :) 
Halfway through the second mile it was ridiculously hot and I was thinking along the lines of "What in the world were you thinking! You're going to die of heat stroke!" 
Despite the risk of heat stroke and the possibility of being eaten alive by a five pound dog, I kept running :) 

~ Sara
Ahhh sunshine :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Screaming Into Silence

A weed growing in the forest

One day I'm going to go somewhere completely alone and scream at the top of my lungs. Somewhere no one can hear me. Just me, my screams, and the air. :)


Dylan wasn't in this picture, he was taking it :)
Left to right: Elizabeth, Paige, Me, Kimberlee :D

When I was in middle school, I had no real friends. They were the kind of people that were on and off again, never really listening to what I had to say. Three years ago, I would have never trusted any of my "friends" with anything. Let alone secrets.
In the eighth grade, I met the four most loyal friends I ever could have asked for. I'm so grateful that I have people that I can actually count on now. We always have each others backs and I love you guys! :) Before I met them, I never really knew what a true friend was, now I can say that I have four of the best. So I guess my point is that no matter who you are, you need genuine friends that will stand by you even when you make mistakes. If the people you surround yourself with love you even through your flaws, then you should hold onto them :)
I love you Paige, Kimberlee, Elizabeth, and Dylan! :) <3

~ Sara

Lightning Run

The sky after the storm

Look how pretty! 

Today I wasn't really planning on running even though I knew I was suppose to. When my dad asked me, I'd just say that it stormed all afternoon. Then, on the way back to the house from the chicken coop, I sprinted and remembered how great it felt to run. So, doing something only a person of questionable mental health would, I ran inside and pulled on my running clothes.

Running is something I love to do. Sometimes I make myself do it, but once I'm out on the road, I feel so happy. I feel light even. Like I'm floating. I realize this blog is cheesy and I'm just starting it, but the whole point is for me to express myself in yet another way. I'm not holding anything back :)
Once I'm out on the road I hear the thunder, muffled by the Killers playing in my ears. Lightning stayed in the air, cloud to cloud lightning. It was so beautiful to watch that I actually stopped running just to watch it.
The lighting (not lightning) was also really strange. On one side of the neighborhood it was orange, on the other side it was pitch black with lightning streaking through the clouds.
It was just me, the chick-whir-chick-whir of one of the neighbors sprinklers, and the blinking lights of fire flies :)


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why I'm Doing This

I wanted to start a blog so that I could write about myself, which sounds stupid. I have this theory that if everyone could read the story of someone's life, not sugar coated in any part, then people would be more understanding.
Because, when it comes down to it, how much do we really know about people? I know we think we might know someone, but in the end, I think we find out things that surprise us. How much do we really know about ourselves? That's why I'm doing this :) To learn more about myself, as well as everyone else around me :)


The very beginning

Sunset in my backyard :)

So I guess this is where it all starts out, this blog and me. 
I've tried to blog in the past but I never really had a reason to, and even now I guess I don't have one. I want to be able to talk about whatever I want on here. I don't care if anyone ever reads this but me, it's mostly for my benefit anyways :) It would be awesome if my story inspired someone. This is just the story of my life basically. Read it if you want, hate it, love it, laugh at it. I don't care. It's my blog, and it's my life :)