The Writer

So I see that you've stumbled across my blog...

And you might be wondering exactly who the crazy human is that writes all of those geeky posts. 

The name is Sara

Above is a picture of myself facing away from you, but I promise that I'm approachable. Honest. 
I live in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee. I promise that you've never heard of the town.
There are exactly two stoplights and nothing to do, so it's no surprise that I've always had to be creative when trying to find things to destroy boredom.

What I love to do

I'm a huge geek. I can't emphasize that enough. My loves include attempting to write novels, writing songs, playing my guitar and snapping pictures. I can also be found crying over Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, and Sherlock. The BBC writers definitely know how to take advantage of my emotions. 

Why I don't fit in here 

I live in a town that has about 2,000 Republicans and 16 Democrats. I, Sara Moorehead, fit into that small percentage of Liberals. Because of my different opinions, I often get myself into stupid situations. 
Above is my epic bumper sticker of awesomeness. 

My Faith 

I don't identify with the Christian faith. Yet another reason why I'm not the most accepted in this town. 
While I am not religious, I am very spiritual. I tend to think that every religion and peaceful philosophy has something to offer. While I don't go to church or pray in the traditional sense, I am at peace with my unique view on the world and thereafter. 

The Family 

I share my living quarters with a fantastic mom, dad, and a thirteen year old brother. We have some pretty awesome adventures between the four of us, and life is never boring. 

Why I Write 

I have always been fascinated by the art of stringing words together to form stories. When I was fifteen I began writing this blog as well as participating in NaNoWriMo each year. My greatest dream is to be a novelist. 

Why Knocked Askew? 

The name Knocked Askew came from two things. First, it was in a literal sense. Sometimes my glasses became askew on my face. In a more metaphorical sense, my life was knocked askew after going through a period of depression when I was in middle school. This blog is a result of how I have grown and come to love and appreciate life more and more every day since then. 

And Finally, My Goal.

In writing this I hope to inspire those who share many of the same experiences that I have had. I hope to brighten your day with my crazy antics and bring a smile to your face. Blogging, or writing I should say, is a win win situation. It's a way to both inspire and be inspired by those who connect with you through your writing. If I can be the spark of inspiration for just one person, then my job is done here. 
What do I love most about writing this blog? Hearing from you, dear reader! Please, don't hesitate to send me an email through the Say, Sara page or drop me a comment. 

Peace, love, and inspiration,