Monday, September 26, 2011


I am in a really happy mood today fellow bloggers/readers/best friends that read my blog and don't know how to comment :)
First of all, I feel like I've been neglecting my songs page, so what am I doing right now? Updating it!
new bands to be seen on my play list (they aren't actually new bands, but I've discovered a recent love for them) are The Weepies, the Postal Service, Faded Paper Figures, and Hello Saferide :)
Getting to the rest of the post, I made a new page to post lyrics describing my life :) It's sort of a trial thing, but I plan on posting a line or two of a song on the bottom of each post from now on. I'll just put the over all collection of lyrics on that page :) LOOK HOW MANY SMILEY FACES!!! :D
Told you I'm in a good mood :)

Today is one of those days where I just feel like loving people as a whole, which is rare for me haha. Most days I wake up hating the world. But not today, and it's a Monday..that was rainy. I feel doubly accomplished.
I walked with paige, and then killed a few zombies. :) Those make any day better!

I just wanted to tell you about the lyrics and the songs, I'll post a "real" post later :)

Peace, love, and :),

And what about those shoes you’re in today?
They’ll do no good, on the bridges you burnt along the way. ~Jack Johnson

Friday, September 23, 2011

Lazy Friday

I know I've not been blogging nearly as much as I wish I could, I just haven't had much time. I took the day off from school today because I wasn't really feeling like going this morning. I mean, in all honesty, the only classes I like going to are second block and fourth block. That's just three hours out of the whole school day that I find myself actually doing something productive. So instead of going to school, I spent the early part of the day watching The Pianist which was an amazing movie about the holocaust. One of my favorite actors, Adrien Brody, played the lead in the movie and I absolutely loved it. Maybe I'm sort of biased considering that I belong to the one percent of Americans that actually find Adrien Brody attractive. :)  I remember watching The village, King Kong, and the Darjeeling Limited when I was in elementary school. :)
Anyways, I decided after eating the better part of a spinach pizza, that today was the perfect day to just write. It's rainy outside, sort of chilly, and I've always been more inspired to be more creative on days like this.
Which is why I'm up here now, writing to all of you about how I'm a lazy teenager that is happier on gloomy days. I swear, sometimes I think I'd feel right at home living in Seattle or somewhere like that where it rained a lot.
I know I told you, or at least I think I told you, about how we're re doing my room. It's going to be such a job... But I guess that's okay, it'll be really pretty once it's done :) I'll make sure to post pictures when I have everything settled :)

I got to thinking the other day, this blog is meant to be a long term thing. I want it to follow me through college, to New York, to my first job out of college. I want it to stay with me as long as it can, because that way, I can look back to the very first time I ever started it.
You know, it's funny really. With every post I put on here, a little more of my life story get's told for anyone to read. And I've never even been able to keep a diary updated for more than a week or two. There's just something about blogging that makes it seem more important :) I love how I can write anything and people still read it. Now I know most of you don't really read my whole posts or any of them at all. You just followed me so that I'd follow you. But I do read your entries :) Which is why I'm thanking anyone who ever read a single post that I put up.

          Peace, love, and spinach pizza,

Monday, September 19, 2011


I'm sorry to just now be posting again! I've been unbelievably busy over the weekend which is usually used to catch up on my blogging. But it was a good kind of busy! On Friday night, the official start of the weekend for me, I went to the drive-in with two of my best friends ever, Paige and Elizabeth :) We saw Drive and Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. I thought Drive was alright, I'd go see it again to hear what was said better. Dark wasn't the best, I recommend it for rent. Honestly, it was like Spiderwick on crack. Didn't scare me half as bad as I thought it would, but I liked it alright. I have to say, the violence in Drive was pretty awesome. A girl got shot in the head and her brain hit the slow motion. I was pretty impressed by how realistic it was! What shocked me was the fact that little kids were there and both movies are rated R. I mean little three and four year old kids!

On Saturday, I got to see one of my favorite artists in concert... Taylor Swift! Her concert was amazing, I lost my voice from screaming and singing so loud :) What made it even more amazing was the fact that Needtobreathe was one of the opening acts and I happen to love them :)
I'll talk more about the concert later, but for now you should just know that on an awesome scale from one to ten, it gets a fifteen. Even people that didn't really like her would have loved that concert!

On Sunday, I played Nazi zombies with Nate and Paige :) I freakin love that game! Especially since I'm starting to get better at it :)

Well, that's all for now :) I dyed my hair dark brown tonight and I need to blow dry it.

Peace, love, and Nazi zombies,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I actually finished something

Yesterday, my guitar teacher told us that we had to write a song using the words "October Moon" somewhere in the song. He did say that it had to be in AB AB format, but when I start writing something, I don't think about how it rhymes. As soon as I got home, I pulled out my guitar and wrote a song in about twenty minutes. It's by far the best song I've written yet and I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out :)
Today I overcame some of the fear that I'd had in the past about singing in front of people. It was about time!
Even though my face turned bright tomato red a few times, I had fun playing the song. What made the whole day even better was when Megan asked if she could do the bass part of the song. Obviously I said, "Yeah!" And the bass made the song sound even better :) Kaitlin even did the back-up singing! I felt so accomplished :)So on Friday, the day that I dread most when it comes to guitar class, I'll actually be excited.
Because I won't be up there by myself, and I actually love this one :)

Once again, I'm really sorry that this is such a short post. I really wish I could have more time to blog during the day, but I don't :(


Monday, September 12, 2011

I know what I said..

I know I was suppose to post a very lengthy blog last weekend and I didn't... sorry. 
I just kept putting it off until I ran out of time. So instead I'm sitting here at my computer thinking, what to write about today? Obviously I could just write the article I was going to write about, but that wouldn't be done today. I don't want to be one of those bloggers that rarely posts, or if they do post, they don't post anything I want to read. You know? I'm also tired of all of the Poor-pitiful-me blogs that I find all the time. Now I'm not talking about the people that actually have something to be sad about, I'm talking about those idiots that completely obsess over pointless drama. Oh my God, did you hear what she said about me? Who cares? 
I think that's what makes the difference between the people who will succeed in life and those that won't. Or at least part of it anyway. No one wants to work with someone like that. 
Aw man, this post is going to be way shorter than I expected. :( Which is why I'll update my bucket list and answer more questions that no one ever really asks me haha :) Sorry about this blog having absolutely no point at all, I'll make up for it later. 

Peace, love, and procrastinators,

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A day in pictures: Homecoming

                            The day started out with a little planking on the bleachers in the gym :)


Other Dylan and Jacob 


My awesome group of friends with Elizabeth in the middle. She was this year's Sophomore Homecoming attendant! :)

Paige, Kimberlee, and Dylan waiting on the parade to start.

"There is a God!" -Kimberlee

One of the few stoplights in our town

I love my sunglasses!

And Dylan and Katie love to hug haha

Our flag guy (Elizabeth's brother) 

The marching band

The Freshmen float (Sophomore's was way cooler)

Elizabeth looked so pretty!


Tree's and sky

Power line

Streamer floating in the wind

Dylan and Paige standing at the fence talking :)

Tristan being dragged against his will by a fellow student haha :)

The moon coming out :) 

Tristan and Reagan 

The sun setting 

... :) 

The cheerleaders tossed huge homecoming shirts that didn't sell into the crowd...

...So we played with it :) This is Emily, Elizabeth's sister.

Me and Emily each have an armhole while Elizabeth has the head hole  :)

I love having goober friends :) 

I love this picture! She was imitating Aggie :) We don't much like Aggie.. 

Paige took these next few pictures of  Kimberlee, me, and Elizabeth doing the chicken dance :)

Dylan's in this one!

Laughing :)
Dylan, me, Kimberlee, Elizabeth, and her boyfriend Matt :) They're so adorable!

I love my friends! (Paige isn't in either of these because she hates pictures, but I love her 2!)

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Trish standing in the road to the bleachers
Sorry about such a short post, I really wanted to post the pictures that I took today but I think that might have to wait a little while. I've just been so out of it today! Oh to heck with it... I'll stay up an extra 45 minutes and post the pictures because I feel like I should do something productive. Although...  I did just write five more reports on Greek mythology.... Once again, my pledge fell through and I didn't even start on them until tonight... Wonderful!

Here they are, some of them might need an explanation haha

Fog on the road to school

Paige smiling :) Something we rarely get to take a picture of haha

Dylan being Dylan :)

Elizabeth! :D

For some reason, I think Jacob would like the negative :)

Me and Kimberlee

Under the bleachers

Base of the beam holding up part of the bleachers

Yep.. Bryce, Alec, and Jacob picking up the trash at the field. Gotta love our school. 

Alec was swinging his arms around I think... :) haha

He was putting his glove on in this one in case you were wondering haha

Black and white! 

Selective color of Alec's hoodie and the patch of grass :)

Clouds :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A scary place

The band room is somewhat scary when no one (that you can see) is in there. Today I left early because I was having god awful period cramps. Me and my luck. This morning as I was putting on my toga- it's homecoming week- all I could think was, Dear lord Jesus, please don't let me get my period on the only day of the entire year that I'm wearing all white. Unless of course I get married or go to a dance in an all white dress, and neither one of those is likely to happen. But anyways, no matter how much voodoo magic I have, I couldn't stop the inevitable.
Half way through the day, I was cramping so bad that I knew I was going to have to leave because I didn't have any medicine on me. So I walked down to the office at 12:15.
First of all, it was a pretty gusty day out and the clouds made it look extra dreary. My favorite kind of day.
If it hadn't been for the fact that I was carrying my hoodie, my guitar binder, and my big polka dotted purse on my shoulder... okay, AND my skinny jeans, I would have looked like some girl in a Greek epic. Or at least that's how it was in my imagination :) So as I walked across the battle field (parking lot) with my sights set on the band room, I kept thinking someone was going to ask me for my hall pass. No one did.
I marched across the grass bordering the band room and traded my Grecian girl identity for that of a ninja :)

All the lights in the band room were out, except the office. Don't get me wrong, I love the band teacher, but I don't know how keen he is on me sneaking into the band room to get my guitar on his free block. I tried the door and was happy to see it was open. Nothing says conspicuous like a fifteen year old girl dressed in a toga banging on the band room door. I walked, quite silently, into the lobby. The main room was pitch black and, considering that our school has automatic lights that come on when you walk inside, I knew that it wouldn't be smart to go that way. But fortunately for me, there are two ways into the main room.
I walked through the side hallway and spied my another pitch black room.
You know, I'm sure Mr. B wouldn't have cared about me being in there, but I just didn't feel like explaining myself. So I grabbed my guitar case and took off through the side hallway and back out the door. Not minding when I heard the door slam closed behind me. :)

Peace, love, and ninja powers,

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The creature at the window

Every night for a long time, I haven't been able to go straight to sleep. It's not because I'm having one of those months where I can't go to sleep until like one in the morning, it's because a creature spends all night knocking on my window. It sometimes sounds like dogs whining or fingernails scraping across my window. It's just the butterfly bush's branches, but it still freaks me out a little. Mostly because my imagination gets away with itself. 
Which isn't uncommon. My imagination runs wild 24/7 and I'm totally cool with that. Even if it means I'm doing ninja rolls across my bed at three in the morning to make sure the "attacker" doesn't catch me when I least expect it. Now okay, maybe that's a little it of an exaggeration, but you get the point. I swear I read and watch movies wayyyy too much. Speaking of which,  I won a book from today! It's called Under the Stars and it's by Rebecca Rogers :) I was pretty happy! Turns out she lives in TN 2! I saw the return address and I was like, Hey! That's cool :) I definitely think you should check it out if you haven't already. It's pretty awesome :) 

Peace, love, and creepy bushes,

Monday, September 5, 2011

Laughter, pee, and tears

For the funny part of this post, read the top half. For the serious part, read the bottom half.

Today my mom, brother, and I went and saw The Help. Greatest movie I've ever seen, I cried harder than Titanic. In fact, I cried half the way home. Anyways, the movie will not only make you bawl, it'll also make you cry laughing. About half way into the movie, my bladder was about to pop. The movie was so great though, that I didn't want to miss a second of it. So I waited until I thought I was going to have a pee explosion and tried to get up. Anyone else here know the feeling that when you have to pee so bad it hurts to even move? Yeah, well, that's how it was. I casually stood up, although I was standing a little hunched over on a count of my bladder being full to the brim. Do bladder's have brims? Not likely, but you get the point don't you? I half staggered, half dragged myself down the aisle to the stairs. And all I could think was, Oh dear Jesus, anything but stairs. 
Even though I thought I might end up peeing a little with each stair I took, I eventually got to the bottom of the stairs. And if my luck could get any worse, there was a particularly funny part in the movie happening right then. So I stood in the little alcove so that I could still see the screen. Sure, I was doing my signature potty dance and there was a theater worker walking in through the door, but who cares? I was going to see that funny part! Right as the punch line was said and the room erupted into laughter, including the theater guy who was now standing beside me, I couldn't laugh as hard as I wanted. Why? Because if I had, I would have had to ask the theater guy if there was a way he could sweep up my accident. I doubt that's possible. Unless of course you get that stuff that looks like red pop rocks. That stuff is cool :) The irony of the situation was that the joke I'd stayed to watch? Was about.... toilets :)
I dragged myself out the door into the lobby and nearly tripped on the freshly mopped floor and eventually made it to the bathroom. I think I might have looked at that toilet like it was the Holy Grail and I'd been the one to discover it because I wasted no time in getting right into that stall.

On a more serious note, that movie (and book) was so moving. It really made me ashamed to be a white person. Maybe just a person in general. Because looking back at every history lesson I can remember, people have always found a reason to hate other people. Be it their religion, skin color, sexual orientation, etc. We're terrible! And those of us who are all for peace on earth and all of that, half of those people are full of crap! Some people are all like, "Let's save the starving children, but after we eat we should definitely drop a nuke on that country we don't agree with." Yeah, way to be a peace lover.
I just love me some ignorance! And let me tell you, being one of the few democrats in a southern town, I see a whole lot of it. Which is why I identified so much with Skeeter from the book. She was a strong woman who wanted to be a writer and write for what she believed in. Way to go Emma Stone, you really rocked in this movie. :)
With all that said, I just wish that all of the ignorant people who say they hate ignorance would open their eyes and see the big picture. Why hate and say we love? Why not take a risk in standing up for what's right?

Peace, love, and toilet bowls,


What makes you beautiful

We live in a society that puts way too much emphasis on beauty. And by beauty, I mean outward appearances.
If you don't have huge boobs and perfect hips, you aren't attractive. Honestly, I'm perfectly happy not having boobs. All they are is an inconvenience anyways. Plus, the main reason we make such a big deal about boobs is for guys which I think is totally stupid. I mean who wants a guy staring at your boobs while you're trying to have a conversation with him? I know there's girls out there that feel bad for people without boobs, but I feel bad that they think boobs are that big a deal.
I'm not one to judge people. I don't care if you have a big nose or if you're a little overweight, because that's not what defines you. Unless of course, you let it define you.
The people that I think are the most beautiful, are people who don't realize how pretty they really are. Like my best friend Paige for instance. She's one of the prettiest people I know :) And it's not just that she's pretty on the outside, she has an awesome personality that makes her even prettier. Love you, Paige!
I wish everyone would make a bigger deal about good personalities. I know a lot of people that think they're  really hot, but they have a bad personality which makes them really unattractive.
We should all feel comfortable in our own skin, but no one likes anyone who's overly confident :)


Sunday, September 4, 2011

The staring lady

Last night my family and some friends of ours went to Olive Garden together. Let me just say that restaurant has to be one of my favorites, especially since they have the never ending pasta bowl going on right now.
Not long after we sat down, I got that feeling like someone was watching me. Not just watching, staring at me.
I glanced up from our table and scanned the room. Much of it consisted of tables of chattering customers and the waiters and  waitresses carrying plates of food, but the table against the wall to my right, was silent.
The only occupant of the table was a frail looking old lady with pale, wispy orange hair. She was looking straight at me. It wasn't just the fact that she was staring however, it was the way she was staring at me that I found somewhat unnerving. Her eyes looked neither curious or spiteful, she was just staring at me like she might stare out a window. I don't know if she was actually looking at me, or if she was in a daze, but every time she'd look away she'd end up staring right back at me again.
I'm not really sure what else to say about this, I just thought I'd share a slightly strange experience with the rest of you.   

Story excerpts

I know I haven't been posting near as much as I should and I'm sorry, but I promise I haven't given up on blogging. In fact, the reason I haven't been posting as much is because I'm writing a pretty lengthy post at the moment. It's more like a long essay and I should be done with it by next weekend. It shouldn't be boring, just sort of a perspective thing. So for now, I'll post a few excerpts from novels that I have worked on in the past, and an excerpt from my newest story :)
Comment and let me know which one you liked the most :) I love feedback from readers! All I'm asking is that I get to keep my own ideas. I know it must sound silly, but it's happened to me before and i didn't appreciate it at all. I don't care if they inspire you, but they are my ideas alone. So don't steal!

Excerpt #1

“Let’s go, sis.” she forces a smile and takes his hand. He hauls her to her feet and for a faction of a moment, we just stand there looking at each other. This could be the last time any of us see one another. At any moment during the run, one of us could die. 
We have a rule that has only been brought up once: Every person for themselves.
I don’t know how true that would hold in the event that something were to actually happen to one of us. I know that Mason will always try to save Harper, even if it means risking his own life in the process. 
No one will die to save me. 
I nod once and look towards the thick dark forest directly in front of us. Behind us, steadily creeping overhead, is the craft. “Time to run.”

Excerpt #2

The thing bared it’s teeth and I stared in horror at their serrated edges.
It would not take long to finish me off.
The creature began to moves towards me, seemingly silent besides the sloshing of the water that had now risen to almost half way up my shins if I was standing. It covered my lap completely and I wondered if I could swim with a broken leg.
Gray light filtered down through the leaf covered netting above and glimmered dully against the dirty water.
Leaves, dirt, and blood covered my once pure white dress and I wondered absently how much washing it would take to get it clean again. It was just like me, I thought, to be more worried about my dirty gown than the fact that my life was seconds from being over.
I wouldn’t have time to wash it.
The creature’s coarse black hair was wet as well and it was shaking. I could see all of it’s ribs pressed against it’s skin. It’s spine stood out on it’s back. It was starved. And I was dinner. It started to move towards me, white teeth standing out against it’s dark black coat.
When it was about a foot or so from me and I could feel it’s breath against my face, I noticed the creature’s eyes.
They were undeniably human. 

Excerpt #3  * Probably one of my favorite stories that I've ever written, I know I'll come back to it eventually :) It is definitely one of my most creative ones considering that I had to create an entirely different dystopian society. My favorite thing to write about are corrupt societies after all :) 

Something green grasps my attention and I stop paving. “Look, Petra!” From a tiny crack in the concrete to my left, sprouts a tiny sprig of bright green grass. It is the first time I’ve seen grass in almost a year and a half. She smiles and watches as I crouch down to touch the small thing that to anyone outside of Toam is insignificant. To me, it means the world. It reminds me of a feather as I barely touch my calloused finger to it. My dry lips feel like they might split open as I grin. For the first time in so long, I have something to hope for. This single blade of grass surrounded by barriers, symbolizes my life in Toam. 
The life that with any luck, will change soon. 

Excerpt #4 This excerpt occurs in two parts because this story is told from two different points of view. You've probably seen the first one on here once before, but not many of you have seen the second one. 
Mallorie: The strange boy hummed a song softly. The melody was more melancholy than sweet and it filled the silent night air with music. I was starting to become more aware of my surroundings. We were still in the forest, but I could hear the sounds of a highway; maybe we were close to town. Somewhere in the woods, a coyote howled. The sound was high pitched and lonely. It blended perfectly with this boy’s song.

Zane: She made no sound as she cried, I think that was what truly made it the saddest. She was clearly in pain, but she didn't express it in the ways that I had seen so many times before. 
She held a hand over her mouth, as if trying to hold in a scream growing inside her. The tears fell freely from her eyes. Tiny crystals in the light from the rainy day. Even when she cried, she was beautiful. Beautiful in the way that a burning building is in the rain. A quiet chaos. 

Excerpt #5  This same exact story line must be written five different ways on my laptop, two different ways on the Monster upstairs, and once on the family laptop. It's just one of those ideas that sticks with you but you have no idea how to best say what you're trying to convey. Does anyone else know what I mean by that? 

 “I have decided that you have to choices, Mr. Whitmore. We can kill him, or we can abandon him. He is of no use to us anymore.” Mr. Whitmore hung his head. “Then the choice is easy. We kill him.” The other men shook their heads. “No, he has promised not to do anything else…reckless. We owe him a second chance.” Mr. Whitmore laughed a strained laugh and looked at the other men. “You see that’s the thing Howard.” He said in the direction of Mr. Roland. “I’m not a fan of second chances.” He pulled out a shiny black object from his pocket and held it up to the other men. “Thank you for your service.” He said before he shot either of the men in the head. The gun made a tiny sound and Hannah reasoned that it had a silencer, but Hannah was too afraid to reason much, especially as Mr. Whitmore lowered the gun and shot at the crumpled form. There was no noise after that, except for the small sound of Mr. Whitmore’s shoes quietly hitting the stone ground beneath. 

Excerpt #6 I really love this story :) Although I hit a stump and never made it past the fourth or fifth chapter, I really loved both characters. I'd love to finish this one day. Actually, the same idea of the "x" has been a recurring one. It shows up in several of the stories that I've mentioned above. 

A slight popping sound came from his left, the side nearest to the tree itself. The smell of burning sulfur filled his nostrils and he fought the urge to cough.
A skeletal man with a long wooden pipe looked at him and smiled. A wicked, toothless smile that did nothing to change the appearance of his hollowed out face. “Time’s ticking son. Do you want to be here when it runs out?” the man rasped in a voice that sounded like the wind blowing across fallen dead leaves on a grave.
The man laughed a soft, crackling laugh that sent chills up his spine. Delano’s eyes, or rather, where his eyes should be, glowed softly. The empty eye sockets seemed to be lit by some inner fire that Aidan could not comprehend. The branch began to creak under the weight of the two men and Aidan became worried. More so than before. 
“That’s my cue, son,” said Delano looking down at the girl who now had the boy’s shirt on, “You know the rules.” Delano bent to where his toothless mouth was next to Aidan’s ear and he pressed a bony hand on the back of his neck. “Please don’t…I don’t have to be…I can do this…” Aidan stammered, unable to contain the bile rising in his throat. “It has to be done child.” whispered Delano, holding up a skeletal index finger and tracing a long X into the skin on the back of Aidan’s neck. The bone burned into his neck and he clenched his teeth. He would not show weakness. He knew everything that the mark meant. Everything that it allowed. 

Excerpt #7
“I need you to give this to someone.” He said, holding out the paper again. It was yellowed with age. A large tear ran along the side where it appeared to have been folded a few too many times. She adjusted her apron as she waited for him to continue. 
“It’s very important that you pay attention Claire.” The waitress snapped her head up. She felt for her name tag. There wasn’t one. She remembered that she had lost it yesterday. She was suppose to have Dan, the manager, replace it. 
“Good. There is a boy, not much younger than you, that comes here every Wednesday night. His name is Asher Byrne. When he comes here tonight, give him this letter. Remind him that summer starts next week. He’ll understand.” Claire inched back a step. Everything about this man gave her the creeps. “I’m sorry, sir. I’m not really suppose to do that. The post office is just around the corner if you need something mailed.” Anger flashed in the man’s eyes. 

Excerpt #8
“Corvina.” Delano hissed into the darkness opposite the porch. A shadow seemed to step out of the trees to join him. “You called?” said the raspy voice of a woman who was hidden beneath a long black cloak that seemed to reflect what moonlight was visible through the thick clouds. “I did.” replied Delano. 
She stepped further from the trees and he gasped as she lowered her hood. Her skin was as pale as the moon and her eyes seemed to be as black as the night sky. She had no irises. Only pupils made up her eyes. Her black hair spilled around her shoulders in loose curls and under her arm she carried an empty basket.
“You know the price?” He nodded gesturing to Samson’s dead body lying at the foot of the wooden steps.
“Taken care of.” 
she smiled and revealed two rows of pointed teeth that looked as sharp as knives.
“Well then we should finish this then.” she said eyeing Samson’s corpse again. “We won’t be finished for awhile. This is only the start.” She nodded grimly and carefully stepped over the body in her flats.

Excerpt #9  

I was kneeling in front of a rusted toilet. The lid was up and I held my hair back with my left hand. My right hand pushed against the wall in a futile effort to keep me steady. The nauseous feeling that nagged at me everyday was worse today. 
I gagged and vomited into the toilet and then gagged more. 
“Oh bless your heart, I’m sorry Mallorie, I’m just…I broke up with James and I haven’t been myself all day. Forgive me?” I rolled my eyes. She was lying. James had dumped her last night because he caught her making out with his best friend Mark behind the dumpsters of  the Jones Diner. I knew exactly how it had gone down. It had been on an endless loop in Amy’s head for two days now. 
I knew what had happened word for word. 
I stared straight ahead at the pale yellow concrete wall and tried to catch my breath. My mouth tasted horrible and I just wanted to go home. Anywhere but here was preferable. 
It was the first day of our Senior year. What a wonderful way to kick it off. “Yeah I forgive you Amy, just go on to class. I’m going to the nurse.” I lied, but she would never know. 
She hesitated a moment longer, not because she was torn between staying by my side and going to class, but because she was stuffing her bra with more paper towels. 
I waited until the sound of her heels clicking on the linoleum was far enough down the hallway before I curled into a ball and leaned heavily against the wall. At that point, I didn’t care what kinds of bacteria and diseases could be lurking on the floor, I just cared about having something solid behind me and underneath me for support.

Excerpt #10  Here's an excerpt from the current story I'm working on :) Definetly my favorite story I've ever written :) I know that some of the terminology is confusing considering that when I create a new society for a story, I have to create the slang terms as well. Tell me what you think! 

Someone is in the alley with me. At first, I don’t turn around because for all I know the person might be a milkeye and if they are, they won’t hesitate to jump me. So I keep walking. My black sneakers slap cross the wet pavement softly.  The person follows silently, but the hair on the back of my neck stands on end. My fingers twitch towards my knife, but I clench them into a fist. Always keep a low profile. That lesson is true even here, in this dark alley where I’m being pursued by only one person. Rain clatters noisily from a rusted gutter and pull my hood lower over my eyes. I’m almost to the little door when I hear a small cough from behind me. I freeze. 
Every muscle in my body tenses, ready to either run for my life to the little black door that symbolizes everything I value most, or turn and fight. 
“Sonah,” I put my hand on the knife resting in my coat pocket, “they’ll find you. You can’t keep running to every Site club in the city like this.” I knew that voice all too well.  I should have known. I bite my bottom lip until the taste of copper fills my mouth. “How long you been following me, Nite?” I say his name quickly, as if I’m trying to get rid of it. 
I focus on the corroded door handle. The rain is letting up some, but it’s still enough to make me wish for an umbrella. “Since you killed that milkeye.” That had been this morning. By now, his blood is dry beneath my finger nails. 

Out of the sixty or so stories on my laptop and the twenty or more on the Monster, I hope you liked these ten. :)