Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A scary place

The band room is somewhat scary when no one (that you can see) is in there. Today I left early because I was having god awful period cramps. Me and my luck. This morning as I was putting on my toga- it's homecoming week- all I could think was, Dear lord Jesus, please don't let me get my period on the only day of the entire year that I'm wearing all white. Unless of course I get married or go to a dance in an all white dress, and neither one of those is likely to happen. But anyways, no matter how much voodoo magic I have, I couldn't stop the inevitable.
Half way through the day, I was cramping so bad that I knew I was going to have to leave because I didn't have any medicine on me. So I walked down to the office at 12:15.
First of all, it was a pretty gusty day out and the clouds made it look extra dreary. My favorite kind of day.
If it hadn't been for the fact that I was carrying my hoodie, my guitar binder, and my big polka dotted purse on my shoulder... okay, AND my skinny jeans, I would have looked like some girl in a Greek epic. Or at least that's how it was in my imagination :) So as I walked across the battle field (parking lot) with my sights set on the band room, I kept thinking someone was going to ask me for my hall pass. No one did.
I marched across the grass bordering the band room and traded my Grecian girl identity for that of a ninja :)

All the lights in the band room were out, except the office. Don't get me wrong, I love the band teacher, but I don't know how keen he is on me sneaking into the band room to get my guitar on his free block. I tried the door and was happy to see it was open. Nothing says conspicuous like a fifteen year old girl dressed in a toga banging on the band room door. I walked, quite silently, into the lobby. The main room was pitch black and, considering that our school has automatic lights that come on when you walk inside, I knew that it wouldn't be smart to go that way. But fortunately for me, there are two ways into the main room.
I walked through the side hallway and spied my another pitch black room.
You know, I'm sure Mr. B wouldn't have cared about me being in there, but I just didn't feel like explaining myself. So I grabbed my guitar case and took off through the side hallway and back out the door. Not minding when I heard the door slam closed behind me. :)

Peace, love, and ninja powers,

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