Friday, September 23, 2011

Lazy Friday

I know I've not been blogging nearly as much as I wish I could, I just haven't had much time. I took the day off from school today because I wasn't really feeling like going this morning. I mean, in all honesty, the only classes I like going to are second block and fourth block. That's just three hours out of the whole school day that I find myself actually doing something productive. So instead of going to school, I spent the early part of the day watching The Pianist which was an amazing movie about the holocaust. One of my favorite actors, Adrien Brody, played the lead in the movie and I absolutely loved it. Maybe I'm sort of biased considering that I belong to the one percent of Americans that actually find Adrien Brody attractive. :)  I remember watching The village, King Kong, and the Darjeeling Limited when I was in elementary school. :)
Anyways, I decided after eating the better part of a spinach pizza, that today was the perfect day to just write. It's rainy outside, sort of chilly, and I've always been more inspired to be more creative on days like this.
Which is why I'm up here now, writing to all of you about how I'm a lazy teenager that is happier on gloomy days. I swear, sometimes I think I'd feel right at home living in Seattle or somewhere like that where it rained a lot.
I know I told you, or at least I think I told you, about how we're re doing my room. It's going to be such a job... But I guess that's okay, it'll be really pretty once it's done :) I'll make sure to post pictures when I have everything settled :)

I got to thinking the other day, this blog is meant to be a long term thing. I want it to follow me through college, to New York, to my first job out of college. I want it to stay with me as long as it can, because that way, I can look back to the very first time I ever started it.
You know, it's funny really. With every post I put on here, a little more of my life story get's told for anyone to read. And I've never even been able to keep a diary updated for more than a week or two. There's just something about blogging that makes it seem more important :) I love how I can write anything and people still read it. Now I know most of you don't really read my whole posts or any of them at all. You just followed me so that I'd follow you. But I do read your entries :) Which is why I'm thanking anyone who ever read a single post that I put up.

          Peace, love, and spinach pizza,


  1. Spinach Pizza? Huh.
    I agree with, "I love how I can write anything and people still read it." And then again, I've always liked writing, wheteher someone cares or not. Hehe.


  2. I love spinach pizza :) It's my favorite! haha and I've always loved writing 2 :)

  3. This is very random, but my dad likes spinach pizza. :)