Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I actually finished something

Yesterday, my guitar teacher told us that we had to write a song using the words "October Moon" somewhere in the song. He did say that it had to be in AB AB format, but when I start writing something, I don't think about how it rhymes. As soon as I got home, I pulled out my guitar and wrote a song in about twenty minutes. It's by far the best song I've written yet and I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out :)
Today I overcame some of the fear that I'd had in the past about singing in front of people. It was about time!
Even though my face turned bright tomato red a few times, I had fun playing the song. What made the whole day even better was when Megan asked if she could do the bass part of the song. Obviously I said, "Yeah!" And the bass made the song sound even better :) Kaitlin even did the back-up singing! I felt so accomplished :)So on Friday, the day that I dread most when it comes to guitar class, I'll actually be excited.
Because I won't be up there by myself, and I actually love this one :)

Once again, I'm really sorry that this is such a short post. I really wish I could have more time to blog during the day, but I don't :(


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