Say, Sara

Say Sara, have you ever seen a baby with a mustache? 
Say Sara, have you ever been to Ireland? 
Say Sara, would you rather be kicked by a kangaroo? Or kicked by an ostrich? 

Need some advice? Just want to ask a question? Go right ahead! 
As soon as I can, I will answer your questions in a post.
They can be as random, out there, or crazy as you want.  
And if it's advice you're looking for, I'll make sure my answer makes sense.
You can ask anonymously if you want.
                                    Go ahead, ask me anything :)


  1. Say Sara,
    It me, Melia again..
    I must update you on the rumor battle! The rumors have gladly stopped! And all I did was confront the spreader... I told her that its hurting my feelings, but that it was making me stronger! I then asked, " Why did you start the rumor? ". Her answer was.. " We used to be amazing friends.. And I really wanted to go back to that! ". I told her that I had never stopped being her friend.. And that I missed her too! Thanks Sara!! Me and Ravane are closer than ever!! And she is a huge fan of you now!! People like you are the reason the world goes around:). THANK YOU!!

    A very appreciate fan,
    Melia Testament.:)

  2. I am so happy to hear that you've gotten everything sorted out. It's never a fun thing to have a friend become distant to you; I know this from experience unfortunately.
    Thank you for being such an encouraging reader!