Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wolves in cages

The last thing I expected to see at the fair today were wolves in little cages.
I'm an animal lover right? Which is why it shocked me when I saw a little area marked "See the Wolves".
Initially, I'd said that I didn't want to go in and see them because of how sad it was. I changed my mind when I realized that it was a great opportunity to blog about.
I paid a dollar and walked inside and saw this wolf standing at the cage bars, looking out at the muddy fair grounds.

It broke my heart seeing her just looking out from the bars like that. On the wall, a sign assured everyone that these animals were part of the North Carolina animal sanctuary, but the carny outside didn't look like anyone that I would picture working at an animal sanctuary. I could smell the stench of his cigarette from inside the small trailer.

I'm not sure if they were actually treated well, but the wolf in the picture never stopped pacing around the cage.
This wolf's eyes were so pretty and yellow. 
How awful it must be, to go from being completely wild, to being trapped in a small cage surrounded by staring faces.

Here's something that was a little coincidental and somewhat funny due to the circumstances.

See that camper? It says "Beck's Bunkhouse". In the book Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, one of the main characters is Beck and he's the pack leader of the wolves :) 
You can see how this is ironic if you've read the books. 

We should never take for granted any of the wonderful creatures living around us.



  1. This made me so sad :(
    but the irony of Beck.. lol

  2. I know what you mean :( I went on vacation to the mountains and my family finally decided to visit this "Feed live bears" place that had been advertised like crazy the past few places we had been there. It was horrible! Everything, from rocks to a stream running through their little concrete cell, was painted on in really bright, tacky acrylic colors, even what was supposed to be a waterfall. They gave you fruit to drop into their cages, and the bears were so fat and lazy that if you didn't drop it right into their mouths they wouldn't even turn their heads to get it. They just laid there on the ground with their eyes all glazed over. I'm sure it had to have been illegal. It was so sad that my more hardhearted (and bear hunting -.-) family members almost cried.

  3. @Harlow- That's really sad! I hate any form of animal cruelty. It really bothers me and I end up choked up :'(

    @kimberlee- It was awful!