Thursday, August 18, 2011

Embarrasing moments!

Today in lunch, we had nachos of all things. Which is why when I dumped the entire contents of my tray (excluding the re fried beans, they stayed exactly where they were) all over the floor surrounding my seat, I was thinking: Why was it not hot dog day or something?
The girls at the table next to ours looked up at me with disgust, as if I'd committed murder. Then again, those girls look that way no matter what, so I wasn't that offended.
One of the guys that we sit with walked up about that time and just looked at the mess. He looked a me and said, "Did you do that?" And I nodded. So then he said, "Sma-hoooth!" And then I wasn't embarrassed anymore. Well, mostly.
Then I had to go find the janitors and tell them what I did. So they started cleaning while I walked in and got another lunch. Ah, the beauty of being me.
I have embarrassing moments all the time, so it's hard to single out my most embarrassing moment. When I figure it out, I'll be sure to tell you though!
What about you? Have you had any embarrassing moments lately?


  1. OHHH yes. Every single day of my life. Whether it's be tripping over nothing. Hitting my head on someone's top locker... but I think the one that stood out from the rest was in the 5th grade. I was in the talent show, when they called me up, I went up the stairs and tripped on the wiring and fell on the stage. *Facepalm* It's not the only time I tripped in front of an audience. The same thing happened in the 6th grade at science camp. At least though it was more understandable. I was suppose to be "Hyper the Snow Owl" in which I was so hyper, I tripped and fell. However, the whole tripping and falling was not a part of the act. *Sigh. Some of my embarrassing moments also happen when no one is around, but it's always worse when people are there to see how much of a klutz I am!

  2. I feel your pain! Stuff exactly like that happens to me ALL the time!