Wednesday, August 24, 2011


With the way school is, I feel like I have barely any time to myself anymore. Last night I would have loved to get on here and write a big long post about how everything was going with me, or maybe about some weird thing that I thought about, but no. What did I do? I played guitar until my back hurt so bad that I had to take an Ibuprofen. So I didn't have time to blog, or write, or make dubstep, or paint. Or.. maybe work on the five page report I have to do over Egyptian mythology.. Nope, I played guitar because I'm tired of being a idiot child in there! Sure, I can play a few chords pretty good, but when it comes to picking? Ha! Count me out. I'm sorry if my stubby little fingers can't keep up. I really do love that class though. There's tons of really cool people in there! Though there are a few that annoy the crap outta me when they turn guitar class into American Idol. Seriously people? Namely people from my own gender. Which is why I don't sing in there. Because I'd rather not be approached by people singing to me "Goodbye, Earl" by the Dixie Chicks.
Call me crazy, but I've already gone over the fact that I'm not a very social person. At all.
And believe me, there's people in there that have done just that thing.

All of that stress, plus the extra stress that I put on myself, is why I'm tired.
I'm tired ALL the time now! I'm, tired when I wake up, I'm tired in the middle of the day, and I'm tired when I go to sleep. Honestly, if anyone knows any good ways to not be tired, I'll take them! Besides energy drinks.. I hate them for the most part. :)

Peace, love, and lazy bums,


  1. lol I know the feeling! Ever since school started I feel like a zombie lol. I love your blog btw :) so imma follow it :) I hope you can follow mine 2! :)

  2. I'll definitely follow you! :) Thanks so much!