Friday, August 12, 2011

Awesome website

I stumbled across a website one day not too long ago called Youniverse. It's a really great website and pretty much got my personality exactly right on every level :) To take the tests, you click the picture which strikes you the most. Then it gives you your visual DNA. Here are a few examples of what I got! If you check out this site, please comment with your test results! I want to see what everyone else got :)

Mind: The Questioner- You are a highly creative person who likes to question the norm. You're always keen to broaden your outlook on life. You are fond of learning and may sometimes choose to shy away from the world, immersed in books or surfing the net. You can find the written word very comforting. You probably enjoy being surrounded by books. You've got a thirst for knowledge and an almost nerdy love of tiny details.

Art: The Happy Dabbler- Your creativity lies in everyday objects. You don't need to roll up your sleeves or embark on a major project to get creative. And in fact you may not have much time for grand artistic schemes. But you still find plenty of ways to express yourself in your daily life. It s just a natural reflection of who you are.
Deep down you have a curious spirit and like exploring new places and ideas. Your creativity is reflective and philosophical. You are definitely a deep thinker. 

Those were just two of my test results, but I figured that you would get bored reading all of them :) 

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