Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spin class

If any of you have ever been to a spin class at a gym, then you'll really know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, then I'll have to paint the picture for you.
First of all, a spin class is where you get on those little spin bikes. They're sort of like recumbent bikes, only you can go a whole lot faster on them. Secondly, our spin class takes place in a dark room with a big mirror on one wall that reflects the little string lights that hang around it. Lastly, there is pretty loud upbeat music.
So now that you have the background, let's get back to the story.
I had never been to a spin class before today. My mom had gone last weekend but I had spent the night at Paige's and we didn't go to sleep until sometime that morning. Spin class is on Saturdays at 8:15.
Mom went without me and had a blast, so I figured I'd try it out. We already go to Zumba and even though I have all the coordination of a dying mule (first thing I thought of), and I love it! Which is why I was like, "What the heck, it won't hurt to try." WRONG! That class kicked my butt!
Which, coincidentally, is what my mom said to me right before we left and I was thinking, haha yeah right. I can take a bike class! No problem!
We walked in, got on our bikes, and started to warm up. A creepy old man was sitting on the bike directly across from me and he kept looking at me. I started to wish I'd worn longer shorts.
There was an old lady sitting right next to me. Now, when I say old, I mean that she looked around sixty or so but sounded like she was a ninety yer old smoker. But how, you might be wondering, could you tell what she sounded like when the music was so loud?
Here's how.
Every time we'd sprint or stand up for a few seconds (which felt like eternity), when we'd sit down, this lady would go, "AHHHHHH!" I mean she yelled it. The farther along we got into the class, the more annoying she got. She eventually moved on the the point where she was adding in a few extra sounds into her yelling to switch it up a little bit. "ARRRGGGH!" "YIIIIIH!" And, my personal favorite, "ARRGHH" *pause* BURP.
I kid you not, this little old women let out a belch that made me want to get off my bike right there and make her say excuse me. That, or get her a medic to find out what the crap was wrong with her. My mom finally figured out who was doing all of the carrying on, and after that every time she yelled out or let out the occasional burp, we'd look at each other and laugh. Nothing says family bonding time like laughing over an old screaming woman who had possibly eaten something that didn't quite agree with her.
Wow this is a long post! But hopefully it made you laugh :)

Peace, love, and lots of burping,


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