Monday, August 1, 2011

If only life was simple like the Internet

If life had a delete or undo button, I'd be a pretty happy camper. It would be so much easier!
Number one, if life was like a social network, you would never have to fake like certain people. You could just block them from ever talking to you! Another thing that I would love, you could report people for being rude, a feature I know I would use. You could say you were offline if all you needed was to be left alone.
You would never lose track of the people that come and go through our lives, you could hold onto them until they decided to sign out forever. See what I did there? I thought it was clever... :)
Life is sometimes so amazing with twists and turns and new faces, but sometimes it leaves you devastated with your back against a huge wall. Sometimes you find out things that make you want to question people that you would rather not. Sometimes it makes you question yourself to the point where you break.
And then sometimes it's beautiful. It's the moments that take your breath away that really count. It's the friends that love you and build you up that count. My advice to anyone reading this; if you want to start completely over, do it. I am, at the start of this year I'm changing for the better. I'm not going to lose a chance to be totally honest with people about my feelings which most of the time go unspoken. I'm standing up for every last thing that I believe in. I'm going to listen to myself more than before. Best of all? I'm not taking anyone's crap. Be true to yourself and don't be a push over like I've been. Stand your ground!


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