Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The napping dilemma

Today I was babysitting a girl down the street. We were watching Bolt on TV when I started to feel really  sleepy. I don't mean just sort of tired, I'm talking about the kind of tired where you keep waking yourself up without realizing that you fell asleep in the first place. I was mad at myself because for one thing, I'm not being paid to sleep on the couch. So I devised a plan. Every time I woke myself up, I would say something to keep myself awake that much longer. "That puppy is so cute!" Megan, the little girl, agreed with me and we went back to watching the movie. Not five minutes later, I had started to doze again so I said, not at all enthusiastically, "What a cool scooter." There was no answer. I looked over at the other couch and saw that Megan was sound asleep. Thank goodness! Now I could sleep without feeling guilty! I fell asleep as fast as I think I ever have on that couch, with the TV on, sunlight streaming in through the windows, and in a house that wasn't my own. I think that's a record for me!
There are so many different kinds of sleep, and this one fell into the category of, "Exhausted Babysitting Teenager". I woke myself up several times to make sure she was still asleep and not having to fend for herself in the kitchen. I even had a few dreams. When I woke up, I had time to finish Lord of the Flies and write more on a story. Paige, right now the mind reader story is on hold. I'm working on a weirder one right now, but I still think you'll like it :)
Really quick, since school officially starts back this Friday, I know I won't get to write as much. But I'll still post everyday :)


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