Friday, February 24, 2012

The Recurring Nightmare

For a while, I've been having a nightmare that is always based around the same subject: I'm pregnant with a baby that isn't entirely human.
I'm famous for having very bizarre and vivid dreams, and this dream that continues to haunt me some nights, is one of the strangest. Depending, of course, on how you determine strangeness.
The dreams in this area are always very closely related. Here is how this dream always works:

  1. I wake up and find that my left side is sort of swollen towards my hip. 
  2. I ignore it, and continue doing whatever it was I was doing before.
  3. It starts to swell larger and when I look at it for the second time, I can see the faint outline of a sort of embryo. (That part always freaks me out because of course it's a dream and I always think it's really happening.) 
  4. I watch it, and as I do, both the swelling and the embryo grow larger by the second. 
  5. I can, at that point, see the outline of a baby's body pressed up against the inside of my skin.
  6. I don't know what to do, so I start to panic.  
  7. The baby-thing somehow moves from the inside of my side, to the outside. It is still in sort of a film and it clings onto my side. 
  8. This part changes. In some of these dreams, something kills the baby-creature-thing. In one of the dreams, it's my friend Kimberlee that tears the umbilical cord accidentally and kills it. Sometimes I fall and the baby-thing dies. Other times it lives past this. 
  9. In this dream, the baby-creature lives. 
  10. It sort of breaks free from the film thing that is around it, and I catch it before it falls. 
  11. In this dream, it had a head full of black hair, and was about the size of a toddler. A very sickly toddler with pale, greenish skin and bony limbs. 
  12. I brought the baby-thing into my mom's room and ask her how this has happened. She always tells me that it's an unexplained medical mystery, and we can't keep the baby-thing. 
  13. So in this dream, I set the baby-thing on the floor to play with a toy, and notice that his toes are sort of curled and more like claws. His fingers are the same. When I glance over at him again, as my mother starts the car, I notice that he is now a small black dog. (Any of you who would like to try to figure out if this dream means anything, have at it.) 
  14. I load the dog into the car, and my mom drives out to a very large field bordered by neighborhoods. 
  15. She tells me to let him go, and I do. Some part of me is sad to see the baby-dog-thing go away though. 
  16. As it runs off, it changes into a cat, and the last thing that happened in the dream I had Last night:
  17. I scream after it, "Jersey!!!" 
Yep, my dreams make no sense folks. No sense at all.
Like I said before, feel free to interpret that however you will and leave what you think it could mean in the comments below :)

Peace, Love, and...WHAT ARE THEY FEEDING ME?!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Possessed Trashcan

I apologize for not having blogged in a very long time, you'll all just have to try and forgive me :)
Last night, as some of you may have already read on Facebook, I won the audience favorite at a songwriter's contest in Franklin. Needless to say, I'm ecstatic about it! Especially because after I performed, a lady gave me her card and asked me if I would be interested in playing at her coffee house. I believe the answer to that is a big fat YES! :) Later this week I'll call her and fill you in on how that goes :)

My schedule has been so filled lately, I'm so stressed out over everything that's going on right now, but it's not all that terrible. All I really have to worry about is meeting the deadlines for my English paper and finish reading Huck Finn (basically) by Friday.

I know I'm hopping around from topic to topic in no particular order, but I feel like I have to let all of you know what's been going on with me even though most likely, none of you care and would rather me get on to the actual post. Pretty much, what I would like to talk about in this tiny little paragraph, is how stupid guys can be. Yep, guys are stupid, and we all know this. Now that so many people I actually know in real life read my blog, I feel like it's necessary to shut out a lot of my personal life that would have normally been written out very lengthily for all of you to read. Honestly, I just don't want to have to answer any questions about who exactly I was referring to when I said blah bleh blah. So instead what I'll do, is just post what I was going to say today on Friday. it really makes no difference, but oh well.

Now on to the post.

Last night was incredibly fun, even though I did feel very nauseous for the first half. The great news is that I think I'm slowly getting over my stage fright. Turns out I really love singing and playing in front of people, it was just a matter of facing my fears :)  The best part to me, is right after you start playing or singing or whatever, and everyone just stops talking. It's pretty awesome when they applaud of course, but that one second when no one's really saying much, that's my favorite part.

At the restaurant, there was a very possessed trashcan in the women's room. It had a motion-detector , but somehow it had gotten messed up. From the moment I opened the door, the lid of the trashcan just kept going up and coming down. It was on the second trip to the bathroom (my bladder has issues) that I named this comical trashcan Franklin. Hey, I had to keep the nerves away somehow...right?
Anyways, right after opening the door, Franklin was all like, "Hey! What's happenin', Soul Sister!" (but really the only sounds he made was *chick, whir, snap*). Yeah, me and Franklin really hit it off. Honestly, that trashcan probably has more sense than most people I know.
Oh well, sorry for this incredibly pointless, stupid, awful post. I'll get back to my regular posting eventually, next on my agenda is to write another post for MU. :D

Peace, love, and talkative waste-baskets,

Monday, February 13, 2012

Anger Towards Ignorance

I'm very sorry that I haven't had time to blog in the past few days, there has been so much going on!
Before I get into the actual post, I'd like to share with all of you a few things that are happening in my life right now.

  1. My first post as a Teen Columnist was published on Miss Unlimited last Friday! *Happy cheers*
    You can click the link to check it out! You Don't Have to Have a Boyfriend
  2. The title of my blog post is very ironic due to certain things that I will tell you about later :) Possibly...
  3. Tomorrow night, I'm playing at a cafe as part of some sort of songwriter/singer competition thing. I'm pretty nervous, but I'm really excited! 
  4. Once again, I'll be single on Valentine's day. But fear not! I'm totally cool with it :) (even though, admittedly, a boyfriend would be nice to have sometimes). 
  5. This Friday is going to be really fun considering that--eh, just re read number 2. And ponder it, good readers! Nah, just kidding, don't get your hopes up. 
Okay, now on to the actual post.
Most of you have heard about the two boys who were brutally murdered by their father not too long ago.
You may have also heard about their funeral being protested by the same people who protest soldier's funerals. Their reasoning? They thought that the reason the boys had been murdered had to do with Washington state legalizing same sex marriage. Now, there are all kinds of things I would love to say about these ludicrous, moronic protesters, but my message in this blog has always had to do with acceptance and peace.
It's these people right here that call themselves Christians. I'm sorry, but if being a Christian is all about hate, strife, and blame, you can count me out.
How can we, people as a whole, move towards being at peace with one another? It's quite easy actually.
All we have to do is accept one another. All we have to do is have compassion, a gift these imbeciles clearly don't posses.
As I was looking for a picture of one of these protesters to put on this post, I almost started crying.
How can mankind be so cruel to others? How can people hate whole groups of people that they know absolutely nothing about?
What do these protesters expect our country to do to protect ourselves if we don't have a strong military?
Stand by and watch as America is slowly destroyed? (By the way, these are the same ignorant people that went around saying President Obama was the anti-Christ. Yep, that's how ridiculous they are.)
Our soldiers fight and die so that we can have freedom of speech, and what do they use it for?
Spreading the message of hate. The protest the people who made it possible for them to protest in the first place. How's that for irony?
I feel so sorry for these people. I am so truly sorry that they have no emotions other than negativity.
They obviously have no lives, all they do is protest and sign petitions and sue people.
Honestly, I think they're too scared to accept the fact that the world has real problems. You can't exactly blame everything on people who are gay, lesbian, bi, etc.

Protester one: How're your crops doing this year Billy bob?
Protester two: Not too good, Joey...not too good.
Protester one: You know what? I betcha I know exactly what the problem is.
Protester two: What?
Protester one: It's them filthy gay's. There's so many of them these days..I'll tell you what, God's out to punish all of humanity for their evil ways.

There are a few things I love about my generation, and one of them is that people are becoming more and more open minded. If these people had a lick of sense, they would know how to research. You see, since the dawn of time there have been people who fell in love with people of the same gender.
Both the Greek and Roman Militia actually encouraged homosexuality among their troops. Why? Because a soldier was more likely to fight hard to see his lover again, than to fight for his country alone.
To me, the Christian God, (who is portrayed as a loving, kind, and caring God), would never hate people for loving who they love. People fall in love with other people.
It doesn't matter what skin color, it doesn't matter where you come from, it doesn't matter what your background is, and it certainly doesn't matter what your gender is. People fall in love.
I hope to see a future where people can marry whomever they choose. I hope to see a future where marriage is seen not only as a bond shared by a man and a woman, but by two people so madly in love that they fight prejudice in order to stay together. I want a future where people can love freely.
I swear, if I was president, I would be assassinated. That's what happens to people who want to change things.
I have a friend, not sure how I'm friends with him when he thinks this way, who believes that being gay is a conscious decision. I have one thing to say to him: Is falling in love a choice? Do you wake up in the morning and think to yourself, I know who I'll fall in love with today? Or does it just happen?
And that's how I'll close this post.
I want to thank anyone who actually made it all the way through this very lengthy post, and I want to thank all of my wonderfully open minded readers.

Peace, Love, and Kindness,

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Where the Cameras Weren't

This is a picture (not of the day that I talk about in this post) of my brother and I playing in the front yard of my old house after a big rain had come. 

One of the strongest memories I have of my childhood, was a single day in a thunderstorm.
My brother, grandfather, and I were standing in my grandfather's garage. The door was open, rain splashed off the driveway and into the carport. It smelled like bricks, grass, and summer. The three of us just stood there.
We stood, and watched as the rain fell down on the concrete.
I don't know how old I was, I know that I was pretty young. Probably about six or seven.
When it rained, the water would pool in the small dips in the yard. My brother and I always loved to splash in them, and that day, we decided we would swim in them.
Now of course, the water was not even close to deep enough to be able to swim. It was just a little over a puddle. But we sat down in it anyways, and we splashed and we played and we laughed.
My grandmother came out of the house and told us : "Be careful, now! If a snappin' turtle bites you, he won't let go 'til thunder rolls." People say that where I live, I'm sure they must say it other places as well.
Wet grass clung to my hair, I had mud all over me, but that was one of the best days. I have so many other days to tell about, but I'll save those for another day.
If I could go back in time and take pictures of days in my life where I felt truly alive, I would go back to this day first. I would take a picture of me and my grandfather and my brother, standing in the opening of that garage watching the rain. I would take a picture of me and my brother, covered from head to toes in mud and wet grass, laughing like maniacs.

Peace, love, and memories of happiness,

Time for Tag

Stephanie, the author of a blog called Pandora, tagged me with this award :)

First of all, thanks Stephanie for saying what you said! 
Sara, because she has a Sweet voice and rocked it at her school's talent show!

After being tagged, the rules are these: 
  1. Post seven random facts about yourself
  2. Tag ten other bloggers.
Random Facts 
  1. I am an English and Literature nerd.
  2. I love underwater photography.
  3. I write in any spare time that I have in Biology (when I should be paying attention). 
  4. Sometimes I have to urge to punch every idiot I see in the face. Pow, right in tha kissah.
  5. I've never been in love, but I'm not desperate for a boyfriend. Teenage guys are pathetic, I suspect that the first actual boyfriend I'll have won't be until college.  
  6. I listen to bands that no one's ever heard of around here.
  7. I really hate country music. With a passion. 
  1. Maggie Steifvater, is one of my biggest inspirations. Her blog is hilarious, and so I give her this award!
  2. Koas, I understand that this award is quite girly, but I'm giving it to you anyways British Buddy! I've not known Koas for all that long, but as a fairly new blogger, he does a good job :) 
  3. G-Fish, If there is one blog that always makes me laugh, it's this one. Sometimes, it has me in tears.
  4. The Smartness, This is a great blog, and it makes me laugh :) Basically, if your blog makes me laugh or think, I'll love it :) 
  5. I know, I'm suppose to tag ten, but I have got things I want to write about right now! I'll finish this at a later time :)
Peace, Love, and Procrastination,