Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Possessed Trashcan

I apologize for not having blogged in a very long time, you'll all just have to try and forgive me :)
Last night, as some of you may have already read on Facebook, I won the audience favorite at a songwriter's contest in Franklin. Needless to say, I'm ecstatic about it! Especially because after I performed, a lady gave me her card and asked me if I would be interested in playing at her coffee house. I believe the answer to that is a big fat YES! :) Later this week I'll call her and fill you in on how that goes :)

My schedule has been so filled lately, I'm so stressed out over everything that's going on right now, but it's not all that terrible. All I really have to worry about is meeting the deadlines for my English paper and finish reading Huck Finn (basically) by Friday.

I know I'm hopping around from topic to topic in no particular order, but I feel like I have to let all of you know what's been going on with me even though most likely, none of you care and would rather me get on to the actual post. Pretty much, what I would like to talk about in this tiny little paragraph, is how stupid guys can be. Yep, guys are stupid, and we all know this. Now that so many people I actually know in real life read my blog, I feel like it's necessary to shut out a lot of my personal life that would have normally been written out very lengthily for all of you to read. Honestly, I just don't want to have to answer any questions about who exactly I was referring to when I said blah bleh blah. So instead what I'll do, is just post what I was going to say today on Friday. it really makes no difference, but oh well.

Now on to the post.

Last night was incredibly fun, even though I did feel very nauseous for the first half. The great news is that I think I'm slowly getting over my stage fright. Turns out I really love singing and playing in front of people, it was just a matter of facing my fears :)  The best part to me, is right after you start playing or singing or whatever, and everyone just stops talking. It's pretty awesome when they applaud of course, but that one second when no one's really saying much, that's my favorite part.

At the restaurant, there was a very possessed trashcan in the women's room. It had a motion-detector , but somehow it had gotten messed up. From the moment I opened the door, the lid of the trashcan just kept going up and coming down. It was on the second trip to the bathroom (my bladder has issues) that I named this comical trashcan Franklin. Hey, I had to keep the nerves away somehow...right?
Anyways, right after opening the door, Franklin was all like, "Hey! What's happenin', Soul Sister!" (but really the only sounds he made was *chick, whir, snap*). Yeah, me and Franklin really hit it off. Honestly, that trashcan probably has more sense than most people I know.
Oh well, sorry for this incredibly pointless, stupid, awful post. I'll get back to my regular posting eventually, next on my agenda is to write another post for MU. :D

Peace, love, and talkative waste-baskets,


  1. *ahem* CONGRATULATIONS ON AUDIENCE FAVORITE! :DDDDD The coffee shop offer is so cool! I hope it works out amazingly. I love your voice and style.

    Guys ARE stupid. The most ridiculous creatures to walk the planet. But I know some pretty dumb girls, too, so...XD *sigh* The human race is going downhill. Just kidding. Mostly.

    I love the idea of Franklin. That's definitely something I would do. Especially when you're nervous, stuff like that is hilarious and really surprisingly calming.


  2. Congratulations!
    Your post was so fun, I really did laugh out loud. I'm really looking forward to meeting a possessed trashcan now :)

  3. Hahaha :) Franklin was quite a character :) lol thanks!