Friday, February 24, 2012

The Recurring Nightmare

For a while, I've been having a nightmare that is always based around the same subject: I'm pregnant with a baby that isn't entirely human.
I'm famous for having very bizarre and vivid dreams, and this dream that continues to haunt me some nights, is one of the strangest. Depending, of course, on how you determine strangeness.
The dreams in this area are always very closely related. Here is how this dream always works:

  1. I wake up and find that my left side is sort of swollen towards my hip. 
  2. I ignore it, and continue doing whatever it was I was doing before.
  3. It starts to swell larger and when I look at it for the second time, I can see the faint outline of a sort of embryo. (That part always freaks me out because of course it's a dream and I always think it's really happening.) 
  4. I watch it, and as I do, both the swelling and the embryo grow larger by the second. 
  5. I can, at that point, see the outline of a baby's body pressed up against the inside of my skin.
  6. I don't know what to do, so I start to panic.  
  7. The baby-thing somehow moves from the inside of my side, to the outside. It is still in sort of a film and it clings onto my side. 
  8. This part changes. In some of these dreams, something kills the baby-creature-thing. In one of the dreams, it's my friend Kimberlee that tears the umbilical cord accidentally and kills it. Sometimes I fall and the baby-thing dies. Other times it lives past this. 
  9. In this dream, the baby-creature lives. 
  10. It sort of breaks free from the film thing that is around it, and I catch it before it falls. 
  11. In this dream, it had a head full of black hair, and was about the size of a toddler. A very sickly toddler with pale, greenish skin and bony limbs. 
  12. I brought the baby-thing into my mom's room and ask her how this has happened. She always tells me that it's an unexplained medical mystery, and we can't keep the baby-thing. 
  13. So in this dream, I set the baby-thing on the floor to play with a toy, and notice that his toes are sort of curled and more like claws. His fingers are the same. When I glance over at him again, as my mother starts the car, I notice that he is now a small black dog. (Any of you who would like to try to figure out if this dream means anything, have at it.) 
  14. I load the dog into the car, and my mom drives out to a very large field bordered by neighborhoods. 
  15. She tells me to let him go, and I do. Some part of me is sad to see the baby-dog-thing go away though. 
  16. As it runs off, it changes into a cat, and the last thing that happened in the dream I had Last night:
  17. I scream after it, "Jersey!!!" 
Yep, my dreams make no sense folks. No sense at all.
Like I said before, feel free to interpret that however you will and leave what you think it could mean in the comments below :)

Peace, Love, and...WHAT ARE THEY FEEDING ME?!


  1. Are you carrying a lot of stress that changes form often, but when you let it go, you feel you get some back or need it to cover you like a jersey?
    Perhaps falling or messing up at something, or asking your friend Kimberlee to help will aid this problem.
    Or maybe you have too much milk and sugar at night.
    Try telling yourself sternly to not dream about any of these things, and think about something totally unrelated.

    Also, if you make a habit of checking your stomach during the day and telling yourself that you are not pregnant, and if you were, it would be a dream, this will fall into your habits and you will do it in the dream - if you don't wake up after establishing that it is a dream, it will at least be more bearable.

  2. whoa.... Weird dream. Have you lost a pet recently? Just my idea, i really have no idea xD Oh well that's how helpful i am...

  3. firstly, great blog! follow follow follow.
    and now your dream. wow, just be thankful its only a dream, is all i can say!


  4. Haha oh who knows, my dreams are more insane every night.
    Thanks Catherine! I'm checking out your blog now :)