Sunday, February 5, 2012

Time for Tag

Stephanie, the author of a blog called Pandora, tagged me with this award :)

First of all, thanks Stephanie for saying what you said! 
Sara, because she has a Sweet voice and rocked it at her school's talent show!

After being tagged, the rules are these: 
  1. Post seven random facts about yourself
  2. Tag ten other bloggers.
Random Facts 
  1. I am an English and Literature nerd.
  2. I love underwater photography.
  3. I write in any spare time that I have in Biology (when I should be paying attention). 
  4. Sometimes I have to urge to punch every idiot I see in the face. Pow, right in tha kissah.
  5. I've never been in love, but I'm not desperate for a boyfriend. Teenage guys are pathetic, I suspect that the first actual boyfriend I'll have won't be until college.  
  6. I listen to bands that no one's ever heard of around here.
  7. I really hate country music. With a passion. 
  1. Maggie Steifvater, is one of my biggest inspirations. Her blog is hilarious, and so I give her this award!
  2. Koas, I understand that this award is quite girly, but I'm giving it to you anyways British Buddy! I've not known Koas for all that long, but as a fairly new blogger, he does a good job :) 
  3. G-Fish, If there is one blog that always makes me laugh, it's this one. Sometimes, it has me in tears.
  4. The Smartness, This is a great blog, and it makes me laugh :) Basically, if your blog makes me laugh or think, I'll love it :) 
  5. I know, I'm suppose to tag ten, but I have got things I want to write about right now! I'll finish this at a later time :)
Peace, Love, and Procrastination, 

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