Friday, January 27, 2012


Today was the high school talent show. I didn't plan on signing up to begin with, but my friends talked me into it. So I finally gave in.
There were so many great acts today! When I heard that it would be judged, I decided not to care. I figured, Meh, people in the audience will judge me anyways, who cares about the judges?! I'm not in this to win!
And it's the truth, I was in it just to conquer my fear of singing, standing, talking, etc. in front of a whole bunch of people. And I have to say, when it was over, I was proud of myself.
I'm so hard on myself most of the time, but seeing the way people reacted, I don't know how to describe it.
It made me so simply happy that there were this many people acknowledging that Quiet Sara is actually more than Quiet Sara. (If that makes any sense).
And when I was up there, I forgot. I forgot about the hundreds of students, teachers, and parents watching me. I forgot about the lights that were blinding me. I forgot about everything. It was just me in my room, singing my brother to sleep. I wrote that song originally when my brother asked me to make up a song that was happy and sad at the same time. So I tried my best, and came up with this :)

When I was done with my song, so many people stood up and gave me a standing ovation. I thought I was going to just start crying right then and there. I've always loved singing, and when I got up there today I was listing things in my head that I had to redeem myself for:

  1. Choking on my own spit while singing the National Anthem in front of all the veterans. 
  2. In sixth grade when one of my "friends" said, "You aren't all that good at singing." 
  3. Being so nervous while singing Blowing in the Wind for the guitar show, that I had to physically hold my own arm to keep it from shaking. 
  4. Those awful youtube videos I posted (they are now deleted) from when I first started wanting feedback. I'll remake them at a later time. 
  5. "Why would you post videos of your singing online?" Thanks for that, by the way. It gave me the anger I needed to get up there and sing. 
When I left school early, my phone started blowing up. "You did so good! I had no idea you could sing like that!" And then, my phone dinged again. When I opened the message? I found out that I had won.
I won something. 
I couldn't even sit still for about thirty minutes.
At the game tonight, people kept coming up to me and congratulating me. It was surreal.
I'm quiet. I tend to like staying unnoticed.  But today everyone seemed to see me. It was quite frightening, to say the least. But a good kind of scary :)
Don't  ever let anyone hold you back, do what you want and don't be too hard on yourself! Sometimes, you just have to accept the compliments. I learned this the hard way :)

Peace, Love, and Nervousness,


  1. O.o dang your GOOD! If you recorded your music I'd buy it good

  2. You were amazing! It sounded even better in person!!

  3. Wow, Sara! Am I ever impressed! You have a surprisingly mature voice! I love this song.

    It makes me happy. :)

  4. Oh my goodness. You are incredible. You wrote that song???


  5. Woah, you're so goood!!! And btw, I love this blog! The picture and the stuff I've read so far are so great! :)

  6. @G-fish Thank you! I love writing songs :)

    @Kayla Anne Thanks so much! :D

  7. Hey! I tagged you on Pandora :)