Monday, January 2, 2012

Can't wait

Fellow readers and bloggers, I am excited about 2012.
There are several reasons to be excited, but I'll just tell you a few of them :)

  1. In March, I'll get my drivers license. Know what that means? It means me and Paige can go on spontaneous trips to Gigi's cupcakes for no reason. (Other than eating their awesome cupcakes of course) :)
  2.  I'm so far into this novel that I actually want to know how it turns out. Last night, I couldn't sleep because I couldn't stop thinking about the scenes I would get to write today. I hope that this year, I'll be able to finish my story, and start on another one :)
  3. The Hunger Games movie. No further explanation needed. 
  4. I'm running the half marathon again! And guess who might run it with me? Paige! I'm so excited about that!
  5. I have an entirely new style for this year. To the crapper with generic Aeropostal t-shirts and boring blue jeans. I've decided to embrace a style that is uniquely Sara. It includes a whole lot of tights, combat boots, more converse shoes, blazers and bombers, etc. I can't wait to get back to school with my my new edginess :D haha
  6. My 16th birthday is going to be awesome. I'm going to have a huge bonfire out in my field with a ton of my friends. After the party? Camp out. No boys allowed (because that's how I roll). 
  7. Books by authors I love are coming out this summer!!!
8. I'm just excited to have a whole new beginning. I'm getting rid of all the things holding me back. It's time to not care what anyone else thinks, and be myself more than ever. I've decided to channel the honey badger, and just not care.

Peace, love, and combat boots,


  1. Hunger Games Movie can not come fast enough. For real.

  2. I know! It's going to be awesome!