Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I've heard this song at least a hundred times. Why? Because I play it on loop. And I listen to it over, and over, and over. Mostly it makes me feel like I need to curl up in a ball and cry in the corner.
At first, it was just the feeling of the song that made me sad. Then I learned the words.
Good lord.
I almost cried like a baby.
This song is about so many things; a brother grieving over the loss of his dead sister, a father going through a divorce, a grandfather grieving for the wife he lost to cancer.
All of it just struck a chord with me. Not only the message that this song sends, but the bittersweet tune, and the sleepy sounding vocals.
The whole song sounds to me like a lullaby. A lullaby whispered to a child that is already asleep.
It's beautiful in it's entirety, and I know you want to know what song it is :)

The song is Blood by The Middle East. A fantastic group that is now one of my favorites.

Here's the song!
And here are the lyrics, because I know that most of you will have trouble understanding him just like I did.

Older brother, restless soul, lie down
Lie for a while with your ear against the earth
And you’ll hear your sister sleep talking
Say, “Your hair is long but not long enough to reach
Home to me
But your beard
Someday might be”

And she woke up in a cold sweat on the floor
Next to a family portrait drawn when you were four
And beside a jar of two cent coins that are no good no more
She’ll lay it aside

Older father, weary soul, you’ll drive
Back to the home you made on the mountainside
With that ugly, terrible thing
Those papers for divorce
And a lonely ring
A lonely ring
Sit on your porch
And pluck your strings

Oh, and you’ll find somebody you can blame
And you’ll follow the creek that runs out into the sea
And you’ll find the peace of the Lord.

Grandfather, weary soul, you’ll fly
Over your life once more before you die
Since our grandma passed away
You've waited for forever and a day
Just to die
And someday soon
You will die

It was the only woman you ever loved
That got burnt by the sun too often when she was young
And the cancer spread and it ran into her body and her blood
And there’s nothing you can do about it now

Maybe that song made someone else cry :) I really love it, the emotion that it conveys is just outstanding. 


  1. Hiya Sara :)
    Your year seems to be starting off with a bang. Can't wait to see some pictures of your new style. 16th birthday - W00h! No boys - Dang it >.<
    hehe :P

  2. Haha :) I'll be sure to post some! :P

  3. Hey, just subscribed to your blog, it's really interesting! If you like this song, maybe you'll like this one by Chris Garneau called halloween. It nearly always makes me cry, especially at the end lol.

  4. Thank you! :) I listened to the song and LOVED it. It's beautiful!

  5. Lovely, lovely song. Thanks for sharing it with us :)