Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Tomorrow is the first day of second semester. Am I thrilled about it? No. I am entirely stressed out about it and it hasn't even started.
But, I'm trying my best to look on the bright side. And so, I am going to make a list of the pros and the cons about the upcoming semester.


  • It's a chance to become better friends with people. 
  • I have at least one friend in all of my classes..except Biology, but I'm sure someone I can tolerate will be in there. 
  • I've missed English class, and I sort of miss having to try to get an A. 
  • I know I'll pass every class, because contrary to what some of you might think, I'm actually intelligent. Unlike half of the people in my school. I'm just not good at math. And honestly? I could care less. I'm not going into any career that requires ridiculous calculus or anything. I make sure I pass it, and that's all. 
  • I love Biology, so I'm not worried about that. Even though I've never taken a Biology class, I've watched a ton of documentaries and read a crap load a books about it. Yes I know, I'm the only fifteen year old you know that watches documentaries. 
  • I'm excited to learn new things, as always. 
  • I have a new style! And I have a better outlook on life :)

  • I'll probably need to learn how to study...something I've never ever had to do before. And I know what you're probably thinking. How have you never studied and passed? I just don't forget what the teacher long as it interests me. If it's math? HA! You can forget it. 
  •  I hate math. I hate math. I hate math. 
  • Did I mention I hate math? 
  • One word: Homework. I never had homework last semester. 
  • I'll probably need a back pack for the crap load of books I'll need to take home with me. 
  • Stress. Need I say more? 
So there you have it, folks. I have mixed feelings about the upcoming semester.

Peace, love, and textbooks,


  1. I also hate math. It's even harder now that I've already applied for college. Part of me says, "You only cared about math AT ALL so that you could get into that there's nothing else you can do, why try?"

    Grr. Shut up, Self.

    Good luck with the semester!


  2. I think most literary people aren't good at math. It's something to do with different parts of the brain being dominant, and if the sector controlling your abilities for language, music and art is strongest, your math abilities will be lower.
    Also, no homework last semester? I had 3-5 hours every night!
    Good luck with your new semester, and biology, which is actually easier than it sounds!

  3. I think I've read that somewhere! :) haha. That sucks! It's the second day of school and I already have a paper due! haha Thanks for the good luck,...I'll need it lol