Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jerks, Idiots, and other Fun Topics

Today in my reading class, I remembered why exactly I hate people so much. My friend Dylan says that he and I are cynics. I prefer the term "realist". Because I realize that have of my class as a whole won't graduate college, will probably be stuck in this tiny town forever, will have kids before they should, etc. It seems to be the pattern at least.

On to the actual post :)

Today in my Geometry class, a subject invented by the devil, I had to sit practically fuming over a conversation between my teacher and this girl that really gets on my last nerve.
The conversation went like this:

Teacher: What are you reading, Gertrude?
G: *Huff* *puff* Of Mice and Men, the worst book ever. It's the second week of school and I've already had to read two books. Can you believe that?

(In the two weeks that we've been in  school, I've read about five books. Just saying.)

Teacher: Oh, God, I wanted to shoot myself when I read that  book. It was so terrible.
G: I know! Reading is so useless. I don't even understand why we have to do it.

( Yeah, I don't understand why we have to read either! I mean, come on, education is so lame. Honestly I feel sorry for Idiot-Gertrude. She obviously isn't going anywhere in life. And she wants to be a teacher. Oh how I love reading teachers who think reading is pointless.)

Teacher: Exactly. I've always hated reading, when I was in college I almost failed my literature classes.

(Here we have the geometry  teacher agreeing that reading is pointless, yet she teaches a subject used only by people in certain fields. Reading however, is used no matter what job you have. Idiots.)

G: Oh that's awful. I had to read Lord of the Flies and The Hunger Games over the summer. While I was in Europe.

(Oh you poor, poor child. You had to read books while in Europe? How positively heart broken you must be. You know, there are millions of kids that would love to know how to read. They would love to just get their hands on a single book, no matter if it was about stupid boys running around on an island. They would love to simply learn, and you throw all of this knowledge away. Those children, and any children that have a strong desire to know, well, each of them are worth a hundred of you.)

Teacher: That's awful! I hated  Lord of the Flies. Little boys? Running around on an island? I mean, come on!

And this, dear readers, is our world. In the words of Ellen DeGeneres, it's full of the wrong type of people. Hahaha, oh you have to love her :)

Sorry for the negativity of this post, but that infuriated me. You have know idea how close I was to standing on my desk (like in Dead Poet's Society) and making a big speech about why reading and literature are important. Did I? No, because I'm in a school full of idiots, and I would have had to carefully choose my words to make sure that none of them were more than two syllables.

Peace, love, and learning as much as you can,


  1. Agreed, agreed, agreed. I don't even want to get too involved in this comment because it will most likely evolve into an infuriated tirade of my own XD

    *forces hands away from keyboard*


  2. I could have believed I wrote this myself!
    I deal with my fair share of morons, but think of it this way - once you leave school, you will probably never see them again!

  3. omfg, sara i am sorry but this is why for a long time i complety hated americans, obv now i have met you and your friends i see that not everyone is retarted :P.
    pfft lord of the flies. loved that book, how it showed every side of humanity and how when you take away rules and stability it boils down to savageness :P (real word i promise!)
    i have a copy of that book somewhere, riddled with comments and tips on LOTF :D

  4. I actually ended up loving it too, Koas! And yes, there are idiots everywhere. It just seems to me that America has way more than it should hahaha

    Ginger- Hahaha great minds must think alike lol

    Stephanie- I was getting so mad just writing it!

  5. Stuff like this makes me so mad!
    Funny post, btw. Kudos to you!

  6. Oh my goodness, I agree hugely. As a trainee teacher I hear people on my course saying things like "I hate English" or equally "I hate science" or whatever. At the level we are teaching we will be doing ALL the subjects and they can all be entertaining if taught well.

    And having just read The Hunger Games, that was the biggest treat I've had in ages and I would never consider it a chore to read, it's the best thing there is.

    Phew. As Ginger said I could have written something similar myself too. I'll go away now and just rant internally...

  7. Cookie- Me 2! Thanks though :)

    Dan- I agree, there should only be teachers who care, like my wonderful honors English 2 teacher.
    I loved the Hunger Games! I can't wait to see the movie :)