Monday, January 16, 2012

Say, Sara is late...again

I'm a procrastinator. A huge procrastinator. And the fact that I just recently got might have something to do with it.
But, I promised I would answer all of your lovely questions, and so I will hold true to that :)

Question: Zebraunicornasiss writes:
Say Sara,
I’m trying to get my friend to break up with his girlfriend that’s cheating on him, (not because I like him- I don't) he’s trying to figure out what to do (stay with her or break up with her) And when I gave him the reasons why he should break up with her ( like I ask him if it's best for him and her), he translated it into why they should stay in a relationship. I know that the drama's going to get worse and he's going to end up heart broken. What should I do?  

Answer: Thank you for asking such a great question! I love when I have to put myself in other's shoes and see things through their eyes. I'll try my best to help you :)
It sounds like your friend must really like the girl he's with if he's willing to put up with cheating.
The thing about cheating, is that it isn't fair to either of the two people involved. I feel terrible for your friend, knowing that someone is openly cheating on you can be very hard. Personally, if I were in your situation I would be furious. If some idiot had the nerve to cheat on one of my friends? I'd probably have to kill them. Not literally of course, but I really would be very angry. I think that if I were you, I would stop trying to persuade your friend to break up with the girl, and talk directly to the said cheater.
Just talk to her, and demand to know why she's cheating on your friend. Make her know how much your friend likes her, and that he knows she's cheating on him. Don't let her get the easy way out! If you want to be extra mean, I'd say something like, "My friend is better off without you any way," or, my personal favorite, "You don't deserve him." OR the realllly mean route (this is coming from me, and I'm not a mean it's really not THAT mean considering she's hurting him) "He can do better than you." BOOM. And then she'll be sorry she ever messed with you. I wouldn't tell your friend that you're going to talk to her though. But after you say something to her, I'd tell him exactly how it happened. Otherwise, the girl could make you out to be some crazy person. It's up to you, but when it comes to my friends being cheated on, I get very angry.
No one deserves to feel like they aren't good enough.



  1. Haha- thanks Sara, but I don't know the girl, and because I moved recently, I *can't* talk to her. I could mentally talk to her though... ^w^ ( :/ I should of mentioned this earlier...)

  2. Well boo! Then you should just teleport and have a big talk with her, and then poof back to your house. She wouldn't even be mad at you because she'd be so impressed by the teleporting :)