Sunday, August 21, 2011

Really cool genre of music... Dubstep :)

Thanks to Jacksfilms on YouTube, I discovered this awesome music! It's so different and I absolutely HAD to learn how to make it :) Granted, I suck right now, but I'm still learning! Here are some videos that will help explain what Dubstep and Drops are :) (The Drop is when the music goes from awesome, to OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING!) The first video is just telling you how to make it, the rest are just downright awesome Dubstep tracks :) I also threw in a few great Dubstep dancers :) How they do it, I have no idea... But they're really awesome to watch!
The great thing about this genre is, it can sound like anything. My favorites are the ones that stop right before the drop :)
                                                          Truly insane, this guy is awesome!

                                                                   How to make it
                                                     (the drop in this one is really cool)

                 The concept of this video is pretty dumb, but guns shooting dubstep music? I think yes :)



  1. What they are calling "dubstep dancing" is simply popping and locking.. a type of dance style that dates back to 1960s California. It's nothing new. ^__^ Only the music is called "dubstep" and the dancers are just people popping and locking to dubstep tracks.

    That's the beauty popping and locking. You can do it to any genre of music.. even

  2. That's cool :) I just thought it looked pretty cool! :D

  3. It is really cool. I'm old (compared to you and I still find the style both innovative and very entertaining to watch. Some of the best are from Korea.. if you really like that style of dancing and similar styles.. try looking into Nam Hyun Joon, Poppin' T (a little harder to find on Youtube, but he's my friend so I have to do a shameless!). and B-boy snake.

    To save you some looking, some of my faves. ^__^

    Nam Hyun Joon doing an LG commercial, very cute.

    And my friend Poppin' T (Tae Youn Hwang) goofing off with Nam Hyun Joon and Gorilla Crew during a break at a competition.. the video is old.. but it's funny. ^__^

    Hope you enjoy them, and it exposes you more to the world of popping, locking, breaking, and tutting. ^__^

    I wanted to say also, great photography, I read some of your blog, and how you want to be a psychologist, but one of your passions is photography. I say go for it.. you have a good eye.. my absolute favorite is the mushroom.. ^__^

    How I found your blog was through Youtube I saw your little video of the little field mouse..