Thursday, September 8, 2011


Trish standing in the road to the bleachers
Sorry about such a short post, I really wanted to post the pictures that I took today but I think that might have to wait a little while. I've just been so out of it today! Oh to heck with it... I'll stay up an extra 45 minutes and post the pictures because I feel like I should do something productive. Although...  I did just write five more reports on Greek mythology.... Once again, my pledge fell through and I didn't even start on them until tonight... Wonderful!

Here they are, some of them might need an explanation haha

Fog on the road to school

Paige smiling :) Something we rarely get to take a picture of haha

Dylan being Dylan :)

Elizabeth! :D

For some reason, I think Jacob would like the negative :)

Me and Kimberlee

Under the bleachers

Base of the beam holding up part of the bleachers

Yep.. Bryce, Alec, and Jacob picking up the trash at the field. Gotta love our school. 

Alec was swinging his arms around I think... :) haha

He was putting his glove on in this one in case you were wondering haha

Black and white! 

Selective color of Alec's hoodie and the patch of grass :)

Clouds :)


  1. hey sara:) love your blog! i found you a potterhead and going to have your psycolog degree? maaan... i'm quite the same :)))

  2. Thank you! Why yes... I'm a potterhead all the way :) And yes I am! That's so awesome that you want to do the same thing!