Saturday, September 10, 2011

A day in pictures: Homecoming

                            The day started out with a little planking on the bleachers in the gym :)


Other Dylan and Jacob 


My awesome group of friends with Elizabeth in the middle. She was this year's Sophomore Homecoming attendant! :)

Paige, Kimberlee, and Dylan waiting on the parade to start.

"There is a God!" -Kimberlee

One of the few stoplights in our town

I love my sunglasses!

And Dylan and Katie love to hug haha

Our flag guy (Elizabeth's brother) 

The marching band

The Freshmen float (Sophomore's was way cooler)

Elizabeth looked so pretty!


Tree's and sky

Power line

Streamer floating in the wind

Dylan and Paige standing at the fence talking :)

Tristan being dragged against his will by a fellow student haha :)

The moon coming out :) 

Tristan and Reagan 

The sun setting 

... :) 

The cheerleaders tossed huge homecoming shirts that didn't sell into the crowd...

...So we played with it :) This is Emily, Elizabeth's sister.

Me and Emily each have an armhole while Elizabeth has the head hole  :)

I love having goober friends :) 

I love this picture! She was imitating Aggie :) We don't much like Aggie.. 

Paige took these next few pictures of  Kimberlee, me, and Elizabeth doing the chicken dance :)

Dylan's in this one!

Laughing :)
Dylan, me, Kimberlee, Elizabeth, and her boyfriend Matt :) They're so adorable!

I love my friends! (Paige isn't in either of these because she hates pictures, but I love her 2!)

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