Monday, June 20, 2011

The Stray Dog

Luna June, the stray dog

I love how life is full of unexpected coincidences. Three days ago or so, it was raining and we were driving to my nanny and granddaddy's house to drop off something. I was driving, and on the side of the road, running in the direction of our neighborhood, was a black and white dog with a long collar that was too big for her. I thought that it was pretty sad, watching the poor dog running in the rain like that, but  mom thought it was just a dog running to it's home. 
The day after that, I was running around the neighborhood and saw the same exact dog standing by someone's mailbox. I figured that that was her home and didn't think twice about it. 
Today, mom says "Sara, whose dog is that?" And i walk in there and see the same dog standing on the front porch beside Liberty (My other dog). 
I told mom who the dog was and she remembered her and we walked outside to pet her. 
I think her leg was broken but it healed really bad, now it sort of sticks out at a weird angle and she can't run fast. Her teeth are broken and some are falling out, we think she has the mange because an entire chunk of hair is missing on her side. 
You get the idea, she's in really bad shape. Not to mention the fact that she's very emaciated and cowers down when you make any sudden movements. 
Mom fed her and got her some water and I was happy, mom's never too happy about me finding strays... Or rather, strays finding us :)
I wore some gloves to rub her because I don't know what kind of mange she has. I'm praying that it's not the contagious kind. that would be terrible. 
Anyways, I named her Luna June because I love the word Luna and she showed up in June :) 
I would have named her another book character name (hence Peeta Potter) but she looks like a Luna June to me :)
She's a very sweet dog even though she has some issues, and she follows me everywhere I go outside. I hope strays and any other animals (including mice) always show up here :) 

~ Sara 

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