Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lightning Run

The sky after the storm

Look how pretty! 

Today I wasn't really planning on running even though I knew I was suppose to. When my dad asked me, I'd just say that it stormed all afternoon. Then, on the way back to the house from the chicken coop, I sprinted and remembered how great it felt to run. So, doing something only a person of questionable mental health would, I ran inside and pulled on my running clothes.

Running is something I love to do. Sometimes I make myself do it, but once I'm out on the road, I feel so happy. I feel light even. Like I'm floating. I realize this blog is cheesy and I'm just starting it, but the whole point is for me to express myself in yet another way. I'm not holding anything back :)
Once I'm out on the road I hear the thunder, muffled by the Killers playing in my ears. Lightning stayed in the air, cloud to cloud lightning. It was so beautiful to watch that I actually stopped running just to watch it.
The lighting (not lightning) was also really strange. On one side of the neighborhood it was orange, on the other side it was pitch black with lightning streaking through the clouds.
It was just me, the chick-whir-chick-whir of one of the neighbors sprinklers, and the blinking lights of fire flies :)


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  1. I tried running, both my parents were great runners (military olympics) so I naturally have it in my genes, but I prefer synchro.
    I find running too boring, ahah! Minus the awesome feeling afterwards from the adrenaline.
    To each their own! :)