Monday, June 20, 2011

Back Home! :)

The Field

So after a very long drive back due to a terrible traffic jam, we made it home! :)
The trip was very fun, but like always, I'm glad to be back home :)

I'm pretty tired thanks to staying up late last night to work on the novel, but I'm happy with the progress I'm making :)
Just a 100,000 more words to go.... well, at least somewhere around there :) I only have about 6,000 words right now thanks to the trip and not having enough nights where i can stay up until three. I also keep getting side tracked by the two other novels that I was working on previously. Both of which have more than 15,000 words a piece.
Considering that the story I'm working on now is the easiest to write and I love the plot, I'll try to stick with it from now on :)

The Flip video camera software STILL isn't working, so I was forced to take the harder option of loading each individual video clip... Oh well :) I'll post some videos of the trip later!

~ Sara :)

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