Sunday, April 22, 2012

Arguments of the Fun Variety

My best friend Paige and I have the most ridiculous arguments, but they always make me laugh :)
More recently, we argued over the show Vampire Diaries. If you aren't familiar with the show, I'll break it down for you.
Basically, it's extremely loosely based on a series of books that weren't the best in the first place.
I should also go ahead and admit that I loyally watched this show for two and a half seasons before I finally got tired of watching the writers run out of ideas. Pretty much, the show is a supernatural soap opera, complete with people (and vampires) that just can't stay dead.
Also I should mention that from the very beginning of the show, I was rooting for Damon to end up with Elena.
On to the argument :)
In the latest episode (which Paige wanted me to watch since I stopped watching the show 5 episodes ago) Damon and Elena kissed for like the third time in three seasons. Because Elena is a total idiot and still has feelings for Stefan, she messed everything up. Like usual.
Anyway, Paige is on Stefan's side of everything because of some reason I've never quite understood.
Her argument is, if you knew that someone loved you and was always going to be good for you (Stefan) why would you choose someone who loves you, but is sometimes a tad bit insane (Damon)?
Obviously, I've always been for Damon because he's a tortured hero. Stefan is a whiny little baby who gets on my last nerve! So, my answer to Paige's question is: I would pick Damon because even though he has break downs sometimes, he needs Elena to help him keep everything together.
If there were a guarantee that someone would always be there for you and never screw up, you wouldn't have to try would you? It would be too easy. What's love without a challenge at some point? :)
So there you have it Paige, I've given you an answer :)
Even though this chick disagrees with me over Vampire Diaries, she was cool enough to take my glasses off my face last night before I crushed them in my sleep. For that, I thank you. :)

Peace, love, and crappy acting,


  1. i do agree with you, that love without a challeneg can easily get boring. and this may sound weird, but it can get "too perfect"

    just my crazy thoughts!

  2. you Americans and your first world issues.... :P

  3. Hahahaha I know! We sound like such idiots sometimes :) The next post is a serious matter, I promise :)