Sunday, July 24, 2011

Running in the dark

For a change, here is a very detailed post :)

Last night I went running. I started running at eight o'clock and failed to run back before nightfall. I didn't let it bother me though.
Some people probably would've been really freaked out about running by themselves on the highway when the sunk went down, but I loved it.
The headlights passing me were blinding and I had to turn my eyes away when cars drove by. I know everyone thinks I'm crazy anyway, so it's not like I cared if anyone knew me. I doubt they could tell anything about me in the split second that they had before they flew past me.
Through Brandon Flowers's blaring voice in my ears, I could hear crickets and, something else.
I pulled out my ear buds, turned my Ipod off, and completely stopped where I was. In the woods across the road, a coyote started to howl.
I've always loved to hear the coyotes, especially in the winter time when it seems like you can hear them for miles. This one was close, but through the dense trees and the increasing darkness, I couldn't tell exactly where it was. Like I've said before, I don't get scared easily... well, except for paranormal activity..that movie scared the crap outta me!
Back on the subject, coyotes always sound so sad to me. When it had stopped howling, I started walking, slowly at first, but gaining speed pretty quickly.
my hair flew out behind me and I started to sprint. And I mean really sprint. I think it was probably the fastest I've ever run. Fire flies blinked their little greenish yellow lights all around me, as if they were guiding me back home. There were a few shards of broken glass on the asphalt and I jumped over them. A dog leaning it's head out a car window barked loudly as the car past me. I smiled.
Slowing headlights on my side of the road made me squint. I had enough energy left to really run fast into the trees if they looked like trouble. My cell phone was on me, I could call my parents if I had to.
The window rolled down and the truck came to a stop. I edged towards the grass. From where I was standing, I could tell that it was my dad's truck. I climbed inside, and we drove home. The stars were just starting to peak out from behind the clouds.

There you go mom! And you think I don't pay enough attention to reality... The truth is, I'm always paying attention, just not to the things I probably should be.


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