Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why I would die without my glasses in the apocolypse

2012 is coming up and even if I don't believe in the whole conspiracy, what I realized was; even if my awesome "Surviving the Apocolypse" plan did work, without my glasses I'd be dead in a week.
I have awful eyesight, so if I were to lose my glasses for some reason, I'd be screwed!
Everyone knows that you can't wear contacts without cleaning them at least every couple of days and that's REALLY stretching it! Plus, in the end of the world, I'd rather not have to worry baout carrying around solution, a contacts case, AND a glasses case. That's like saying, " 'scuse me mr. zombie, could you stop knawing on my arm for a second? I have something in my contact." thanks.
Therefore, I'm going to have to duct tape my glasses to my head. That's not really brought to attention in many end of the world movies is it? They never tell you how the poor half blind girl is surviving! If she is... haha.
When I don't have my glasses on, anything as close as the computer screen gets really blurry and difficult to focus on. Think about a few yards! How could I tell the difference from an injured person and a zombie? So there you have it. In the event of a world wide fiasco, I'm duct taping my glasses behind my ears so that I will never have to go without clear vision.
Until my eyes get worse... but that's another story :)


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