Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A few things you should know about me

Recently, I started thinking about how much people know about me. My guess is that almost no one knows a few of the things that I'm about to put in this list. I'll put a copy of this list in the about me page and add to it when I feel like it :)

Some of the basics
  1.   Favorite color: It changes, right now it's green :)
  2.   Favorite flavor of candy: ALWAYS blue raspberry.
  3.   Favorite sport: Cross country!
  4. Political views: Definitely a Democrat. And I know that a lot of you didn't know that one. Probably only Dylan and my mom. Why? Because this town is pretty much made up of Republicans and I'm not losing friends by arguing. Yet another reason I'm moving.
  5. Future occupation: Psychologist specializing in children and teens.
  6. Favorite hobby: Writing!
  7. Favorite band EVER?: The Killers :)
Controversial views

  1. Gay marriage: I'm all for it. Why does it matter? People can't help who they fall in love with. I personally think it's awful that they don't get to get married in most states. And yeah, it's in the bible. Big whoop. There's a TON of things in the bible that no one cares about, but when it comes to people being gay even the most nonreligious of people use the bible to back them up. It also says that there shouldn't be unmarried sex, but half of us wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that. I believe I've made my point.
  2. Global warming: If more people did their research instead of just going by biased information, it would be pretty obvious. Climate change is real, and it doesn't take a genius to see that. In 2005 there were more hurricanes than any other year, they were also of stronger magnitude. But what does that have to do with anything? That severe weather we've been having for years now is a result of increasing climate change. But people still blow it off like all of these events are only flukes. If I had a nickel for every time I've heard,"The Earth has always done this". You're exactly right. The world has always done this. When? Usually before a major ice age, of which the Earth has had five. I also love how people are so quick to say, "but there can't be an ice age if the Earth is warming." Really? Once again, do your research. So once again, don't just spout off second hand knowledge. Get on the Internet and read the real facts. Or better yet, go talk to one of the scientists behind the research.
  3. This next one shouldn't be controversial, but it is. If I was 18 would I vote for President Obama? I would. I don't really understand the whole mindset that he's some awful president. Especially a few years ago when he was being elected and everyone was making up total b.s. "He's the anti-Christ", uh huh and I'm the Easter bunny. Where did people come up with this? The people that believed it really killed me. I don't know how many stupid things I've heard about his Presidency. "He's a socialist, he's going to make us take God out of the pledge, he's going to burn bibles and flags, etc." I've heard all of those. By kids my age. Is that really what you're telling your kids?Do you really think that anyone would allow a president to do that? The answer is no. That would be the start of a war. Like I've said before, my mom is a Democrat (like myself), and my dad is a Republican. I've made up my own mind about everything. My mom was brought up in a Republican family, but always knew she was a democrat. I know for a fact that the same thing would have happened to me if both of my parents were Repubs. Don't get me wrong, a lot of my  close friends are Republicans, which is why I never talk about politics around them. All that accomplishes is making me furious. So for future reference, don't bash the president in front of me. I don't bash republicans in front of y'all because I know that not everyone believes in the same things as me. Which is great. It's a free country. My favorite thing about the USA? Freedom of speech. You don't have to agree with me, but I'm writing and saying what I want from now on. I don't care what anyone else thinks.
This is a video that President Obama made for the It Gets Better Project. An organization that I really love.

4. I don't think being gay is a choice. Why would someone choose to be gay? Why would they want to be bullied, have unequal rights, and have much of society look at them like some sort of abomination? God created every last one of us. To think that he would send gay people to hell just because of their sexuality, is ridiculous to me. If I ever had a kid that was gay, I would probably love them even more. Can you imagine how hard it must be for them? Why can't we, as humans, just accept people for everything that we are? I'm not gay, but if I was, I would hope that no one would love me less. But without a doubt, quite a few people would. We live in a world that is constantly changing. If we can't be more understanding, how can there ever be any peace?

5. Other religions: For a fifteen year old, I have some pretty deep thoughts sometimes. A few of them center around religions other than Christianity. We think that we're right, Muslims think they're right, Jews think they're right, etc. So who is? Most religions are pretty similar to each other. Most of them have a higher power that created the Earth and an afterlife. Me? I'm a Christian, but I don't think anyone is wrong just because they were brought up in another religion.
I had a friend once that said, "people have the power to choose Christianity." That's true, but consider growing up in a Muslim family for a second. For your entire life, you've grown up as a Muslim. You worship everyday and are very devoted to studying the Muslim faith. So why would you become a Christian? I could keep talking about this and just ramble away, but I'm getting to the point. I don't think any religion is really wrong. In other places in the world, people believe differently. Sure, there are extremists. But they're are also extreme Christians. Extremists get on my nerves no matter what religion they come from. My belief is; if you are a genuinely good person, then you'll make it to what ever heaven is after this life. I love God with all my heart. I just think that everyone should have the right to believe in what they want, when they want, and where they want.

6. Harry Potter: I remember when I was in elementary school and Harry Potter became popular. Some of my friends parents wouldn't let their kids read or watch the movies because of the mention of witchcraft. They thought that the books were against Christianity. Thankfully, my parents were never like this. For anything along those lines my view is: If you are a true Christian, why in the world would your beliefs be swayed because of a children's book series? If you actually read the books, you'd find out that it's not about the sort of witchcraft that you might find in the movie, The Craft. I happen to love that movie and I'm still a Christian. In the Harry Potter series, they have not only Christmas, but Easter as well. So I really don't understand that mindset.

Concluding this very lengthy blog post, I'd like to say thanks for making it to the end. None of my real friends should think I'm crazy for expressing what I believe in. Sure, I may not verbally express much of this to the majority of you, but I'm done with that. Most of my middle school life was spent figuring out exactly who I was. Now that I know, I'm done holding back and not using my voice to stand up for myself. So if I have to start off small, by using writing to convey my views, so be it. If I lose any friends over this, then they weren't genuine friends to begin with. I don't judge any of my friends for their beliefs, I accept the fact that we are all different people with different views. I love you guys!

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