Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Charming Blanket Boy

We were at the beach. Sun beating down on us, miles of blue ocean in front of us, and a bright red blanket concealing a texting teenager beneath it to our left.
You weren't expecting that last one were you? Well, you probably were considering that the name of this post includes "blanket boy". No surprises here, folks.
I mean, has our society really sunken to the level that we can't just abandon our cell phones to enjoy the beach?
Pretty pathetic, America.
Earlier I had seen the Blanket Boy, we'll call him BB from now on, snorkeling in the water with whom I'm assuming was his younger brother. And I'd thought to myelf, He's pretty cute..that's sorta rare to see a guy like that playing with his little brothers.
Then he got out of the water, dried off, and proceeded to whip out his phone and a red blanket. What did he do next? Completely covered himself with the fleece blanket in the middle of 100 degree weather so he could do what? Text.
Thanks for proving that snap judgements are sometimes spot on, BB.
While BB spent his beach day texting, I spent mine inhaling salt water and being covered in sand.
My advice to you? Spend the rest of your summer without making a makeshift sunshade for your cell phone.
Nothing you're texting can be half as important as spending time with your families. :)


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