Friday, July 29, 2011

People who love me sour straws :)

Ahhh, the little joys in life :) haha

My favorite candy ever is Sour Punch Straws :) I just love them! If my mom and dad see some, they usually get them for me :) I'm not a big chocolate person, mostly I just like brownies and cake in that category, which is why they get me sour stuff when they get me candy :)

Things that don't go together with sour straws:

1. Any sort of coke
2. Coffee
3. Pretty much everything tastes weird if you just ate a sour straw

Well, I got my new schedule yesterday... not happy with it. All I'm looking forward to in first semester is yearbook and guitar class. I really love playing the guitar, but I'm sort of worried about being in a class with other guitar players. Does that make sense to anyone? Haha :)
What I mean is, I was in the actual band that we have at our school for a semester in seventh grade. I quit because #1, it wasn't really my thing although I was pretty good at playing the clarinet. I would love to have a clarinet now! But what I didn't like about it was a few of the people. It's marching band people, it doesn't have to be so dramatic. Especially then, I didn't need any more drama.
I have a great feeling about this year, although it looks like who ever made my schedule put my hard classes all together in last semester. Wonderful.
What I don't have a great feeling about are a few choice people who I know are going to annoy the snot out of me. I'll save that for another post though :) Ah, high school.

p.s.- That little "~"? It's my favorite key on the keyboard :)