Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ten happy/encouraging songs that you should listen to :)

I love every one of these songs :) They make me smile! Go ahead and listen to them all! Or a few :) It's up to you :)

1.  1234 by: Feist

2. You and I by: Ingrid Michaelson 


3. Fidelity by: Regina Spektor...okay, it's not ALL that happy, but it has a happy beat :)

4. Everything Will Be Alright by: The Killers

5. Everybody by: Ingrid Michaelson... I know I already listed one of her songs, but I just love her!

6. Yet again, Here's Ingrid Michaelson's song: Be OK :) She has so many great songs!

7. She Is Love by: Parachute :) Love this band!

8. We've all heard this one :) Accidentally In Love, Counting Crows version :)

9. Haven't Met You Yet by: Micahel Buble, I love him!

10. In the spirit of Smosh, Here's Firetruckin' Perfect by: Pink :)

There you go! I hope you liked the songs :)

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