Thursday, July 14, 2011

Favorites week

After making a list of my favorite movies, I realized that I have so many more favorites in other genres that I hadn't listed. So that's why I decided to make this week Favorite Week on my blog :)

Next up, favorite movie series! :)

I can't put these into any real order. I know my favorite, but that's about it. So here it goes!

Lord of the Ring series: I watch them every time they come on :) I love both movies and books that deal with other worlds and, of course, a little magic never hurt :) I could care less if I'm a dork!

Underworld series: Great vampire movies! They so kick Twilight's little stupid butt! OH MY GOSH!!! I'm revising my favorite movies list! In place of New York, I Love You goes

Interview with a Vampire. If you've seen it, It's great and you would understand that Stephanie Meyer has all the originality of a rock.

 Pirates of the Caribbean: I cry ever single time I watch the last one. If you haven't already noticed, I cry over a lot of stuff. But I just love the whole series! There's adventure and action and romance and a whole lot of comedy :) Will Turner happens to be one of my favorite fictional characters. (That list is coming later) :)

Transformers: I love love LOVE these movies! They always make me laugh! The newest one was awesome :)

X-Men: Once again, a great series of movies that shouldn't be ignored :)

Spiderman: I've seen them all in theaters :)

And the

Harry Potter series!!!: I've grown up with this series. I started reading the books when I was in third grade, although I did read them out of order... 3,4,5,6,1,2,3,7 :) Because the first 3 movies were out :) Now that the very last one is coming out...this friday...I feel sorta depressed! which is sad, because it is just a movie series'. I went to the very last book party and after I had finished reading it, I didn't know what else to read! I guess I just love series :) The reason why I love my series' so much is because I get to keep the characters longer :)
So for all of you who are saying, "It's about time HP is over!" ...You don't understand.. :)

Peace, love, and Potterheads :)


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