Friday, June 8, 2012


I feel sorry for all the newcomers in my life. All the people who I'm only just now getting to know.
I feel like everyone should have their own auto-biography that is constantly being written and added on to.
Then, when a person shows up in your life, you could just hand it to them and ask them to read it.
The world would be a much better place.

But where do you even start story about your life? Even when you are as young as I am, there are a million places to start. You probably shouldn't start the day you were born, because nothing really stuck to your memory then. Even the first memory you can remember is usually not very significant.

If it were me, I'd start right now. And then I'd backtrack.

I'd revisit my best decisions (and my worst ones). I'd try to remember my worst days, even though I've tried to block them out entirely.

But all of this is unnecessary, because the point of this post is this: When people first come into your life, they have no idea of your past. They have no idea of the things that have shaped you and molded you into the person you've become.

The people who are worth it will stay with you, no matter what your quirks and flaws might be.
They will come to know you by the way you look at things, rather than by the way the rest of the world looks at you.
People who are worth it, will understand your limitations and help you rise above them.

These are the people who will accept you no matter how complicated your back-story may be.

On that note, I challenge all of my readers to document one event in your life that brought you happiness, no matter how brief.

Peace, love, and documentaries,

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