Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm On A Boat... Next Monday

Fear not, dear readers, for I have returned! I didn't give up on blogging, I promise.
I've been up to the usual shenanigans that involve: Walking into college psychology dressed as pirates with Paige, writing nonsense for English because I hate that class for the first time in my life, reading loads of great books, writing like a maniac on my latest story (as long as I have caffeine), and doing other things that generally apply to my everyday, geeky life.

I did decide that I needed to write this post, because I'll be dropping even further off the radar next week.
Because I'm going to Mexico!!! :D
My family is going on a cruise to Cozumel and Progresso and I am beyond excited. None of us have ever been out of the country or on a cruise before, so it should be a nice adventure.
I've wanted to travel the world for as long as I can remember and this is a perfect way to start crossing places off my list.
Although, when I'm older I won't like travelling at the pace of a cruise line.

The ship has an internet cafe which I was initially very excited about.
Yay, I thought to myself, I'll be able to tell the people who keep up with my blog about whatever interesting things might occur on the ship or on land!
But, much to my dismay, my mother informed me that computer usage on the ship costs .75 cents a minute.
That's right, a minute.
In other words, this is a goodbye until I return next Saturday.

In other unimportant news...
Tomorrow I'm playing music at a craft fair in Brentwood, so I'm happy (and nervous) about that.
Oh well, Paige is going to be there, so at least there will be a familiar face in the audience. It has been so long since I last played, but I need to start back again.
I think some quiet, strange part of me misses it.

Oh well, you can keep up with me via Twitter until I no longer have cell service. I'm sure you're all interested in my pathetic tweets.

Peace, love, and socks,

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