Thursday, January 17, 2013

Since When

Since when did love begin picking favorites? When did love begin choosing sides? When did it begin to discriminate? When did “love” begin looking so much like hate?
The answer is never.
Love is a force. The most powerful force in the universe. Nothing can stop it. Not people, not religion, not war or bloodshed. Nothing will ever be able to eliminate something so crucial to existence. The thing about love is that it absorbs negativity and turns it into something positive. Hate makes love so much stronger and so much more beautiful.
If it were not for the love invested in several ideas that seemed radical to some during their time period, we would not have the beautiful country that we have today.
I would love it if someone could tell me why love is difficult for some people to comprehend.
Love does not choose only those of a certain sexual orientation just as it does not favor those with a certain skin tone or those with a belief in a particular religion.
Those among us with ignorant minds protest the love should not belong to couples with the same gender. They say that it is “sinful”, “wicked”, and “wrong”. Tell me, please if you are reading this and disagreeing, PLEASE comment and give me an educated answer as to how love could ever be wicked. I’m not talking about love for power, or something ridiculous like that. I’m talking about the most basic thing in the world: The love that one human being has for another.
I think the real reason that people are “homophobes” (I don’t like that word. I prefer to call them assholes) is because they are absolutely scared out of their tiny little minds.
“It’s so unnatural! It goes against the gospel!” Oh please. So do ear piercings.
Homophobes/assholes are scared because they realize how much more powerful love is when compared to hate. They can protest all they want, but eventually this country will continue to knock down the pathetic marriage barrier and allow equal rights for all human beings. When that happens, I will be immensely happy. Why?
Because it will mean that love has triumphed against ignorance once again.
Peace, love, and more love,


  1. Interesting view point. One thing, love is a choice, as much as what you wear each day is a choice.
    I don't agree with you, but that's okay. I respect your opinion, and admire you putting it out there :).

  2. First of all, thank you for respectfully commenting. However, I do not believe that love is anywhere in the same ball park as picking out clothes to wear. If it was, then it would be a very shallow sort of love that couldn't really be counted as love at all. Sure, we might CHOOSE to stick with someone, but we don't consciously make the decision to LOVE them.