Monday, May 6, 2013

A Shortish Announcement

To everyone in my school or in my town who has the belief that I am a lesbian. I am not, in fact, attracted to girls. I know that you might be thinking. “But Sara keeps her hair short! She supports gay rights! She likes bands we’ve never heard of!”
Okay, okay. I get that the last part of that had nothing to do with anything. I’m just in that sort of mood.
Now, let me answer a few of the questions that I’m assuming quite a few people in my school are too afraid to ask me.

Are you gay? No, actually, I’m not. Last time I checked, I’m pretty straight. Thank you all for talking behind my back when you could have just asked me.
Why is your hair so short? Why is your hair so long? Oh yeah! Maybe that’s just because everyone likes to express their individuality. That’s a crazy idea.
If you aren’t gay, then why do you support equal rights? It might have to do with the word “Equal.” It’s such a nice notion, don’t you think? It’s a nod to the fact that everyone on this crazy planet is human and should be treated fairly. Maybe I support equality because I’m a decent human being myself.
Why is country music your least favorite genre? Because I feel like the musicians (for the most part) are entirely uncreative. It’s the same chords and the same topics over, and over, and over again. Also, whoever invented the nightmare that is “country rap” or “hick hop” has a very special place in hell waiting for them.

In closing, I’d like to share just one last message: Even if I was attracted to girls I would be the exact same person. Whoever I love is my business and not yours.

***Just a small note, if you have any other questions you’d like to ask me, shoot me an email on the Say, Sara page :)

Peace, love, and staying awesome,

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  1. Standard Teenage Definition of "Gay": Uncool, unbefitting of social norms, separate from "ideal" and too complex for your average slave of popular culture.

    Actual Definition of "Gay": Homosexual.

    I'm willing to bet that around 90% of people who get called "gay" in highschool are in fact not gay, but even if they were, it wouldn't concern anyone except the person they were in a relationship with.

    Great post, Sara. It's very frustrating to have your personality misinterpreted even if you think it's actually brave of people who embody said interpreted traits to express them. It's just another way to encourage homophobic; by branching out their hatefulness to people who may not even be homosexual and encouraging bitterness.

    PS "hick hop?" I'll have to agree with your views on that one..