Sunday, November 13, 2011

Busy Weekend and cool foreign friends :)

All weekend, I've been busy. Except for today. Today, I stayed in my pajamas until four o'clock. It was a pretty great day! :) Yesterday, I recorded a little mini CD in a guy's home studio, and I think it turned out alright for a first attempt :)
I'll eventually upload them to my computer and put them on here for you guys :)

I decided that I really love xbox live today, even though I don't currently have live at the moment. You can meet so many cool people from all over the place on there :) Sure, some of them are actually fifty year old creepers, but the majority are just nerds like me and I love it :)
Paige met these guys on there like a week ago named Koas (it's like "coaster") and Olle. Koas is from England and Olle is from Sweden :) They're really nice and I'm fairly certain that neither of them are fifty year old creepers :)
The coolest part? They both love alternative rock!
The funny thing to me is the different slang. Half the time I don't have a clue what they're saying, so I just laugh. Smile and wave boys, smile and wave. :) Koas and Olle, if you're reading this (and you better be Koas, because you said you'd be my blog buddy) I usually get the gist of whatever it is that you're saying haha
Anyways, I'll post later maybe...I have a story for all of you :)

Peace, love, and funny foreign people (not as an insult haha),

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  1. Hey! its me koas :) well I've started blogging too though I am now way as good as you!! just thought I'd comment to show I have read your blog and I think its awesome :D