Sunday, July 29, 2012


Recently, I watched a documentary called Life In A Day. It is by far the most moving documentary I've seen in a very long time. You can watch the trailer below, and you can click the link below the trailer to see the entire documentary which is free to watch on YouTube.

The documentary is made up of video submissions from ordinary people all over the world. Though it should be mentioned that some of the ordinary people have extraordinary stories to share. 

I think I cried every ten minutes or less (both happy and sad tears). 
The film is beautiful. It truly captures part of what it means to be human. 
There are so many sharp contrasts between the many different walks of life, that it is astounding. One of my favorite scenes asked people what they had in their pockets. One man reached into his pocket and took out the keys to a Ferrari, while a man in a small jungle village turned out the pockets of his pants that were little more than rags and said, "nothing. I have nothing in my pockets." 
It is painful to see how hard life can be for so many people when we complain about such stupid things.
My favorite scene of the movie takes place in a cemetery in the middle east.
A man lives in a small shack with thirteen other people on the outskirts of the large burial ground.
He says, and I am not quoting this word for word because I couldn't find the exact quote on the internet,
"This is my story: I can't work because my wife is dead and I have to take care of my children. My twenty year old son is mentally retarded and so we have to tie him up all day to keep him from wandering off. We have no running water, no drains, and no electricity, but we are alive. God will not forget about us. I do not believe that God would put a population here if he did not have a plan for us."

If you do watch the documentary, tell me what you thought about it in the comments :)

Peace, love, and humanity,


  1. I watched this a while ago, and really enjoyed it as well.

  2. It was great! :) I love the message that it sends.