Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm Sick.

I'm sick of ignorance. I'm sick of people hating entire groups of people for no good reason.

I'm sick of seeing crap on the internet (especially Facebook) about how any one who is gay is going to hell and how such "perfect" Christians feel sorry for their souls.
Give me an effing break.
There are places in the bible where it says that women should not speak in churches. Places where it says you should not have tattoos, ear-piercings, etc. I especially love this next verse here: "I do not permit a woman to speak or to have authority over a man; she must be silent." 1 Timothy 2:12.
So, in other words, everyone can lay off on using the Bible against gay people. You know, unless they want to interpret the Bible in the way that women are looked down on and slaves are okay.

We realize now that slavery was entirely wrong and awful. We realize now that women and men are to be held as equals. But for some reason, people can't let the gay thing go.
I'm so freaking tired of people claiming to be such great Christians and then being so prejudiced against an entire group of people. All of it is ignorance.

If the Christian version of God hates gay people, then I don't want any part of being a Christian.
What kind of God hates people because of who they are? Kudos to the thousands of gay people who were able to keep their faith when they were being told that they were living in sin and undoubtedly going to hell.
My God loves and does not hate people or judge people or condemn people to hell for who they love.

My mom told me once that if I or my brother were gay that she'd probably love us even more than she already does, because we would have to grow up in a society that, for the most part, thinks that gays are wrong. Anyone who is gay in a society like this has to be incredibly strong and incredibly positive.

As for gay marriage? I say, why the hell not.
What does it matter?
I found this great pie chart on Pinterest that I'd like to share.

There you have it.

The way I see it, gay rights are human rights. One of my favorite actors (and imaginary husband) Daniel Radcliffe said, "You don't have to be gay to support gay rights, you just have to be human."
I'm a very passionate person. I'm passionate about so many things. One of those things happens to be the hope for a future where people can finally stop hating and let things be. Let's all love each other shall we?

Peace, love, and being a tiny blue dot surrounded by red,

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