Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Time Warp

Ah, the end of summer. It always comes to fast and it always seems to just show up one day.
This summer I had the privilege of babysitting two very awesome girls (ages seven and twelve), and today is my last day with them for a while. For probably a very long while, actually.
I'm happy that I might get to babysit them next summer though.

We don't get to pick the people that come into our lives. We don't get to pick how long they stay, or how short our time with them might be. They come into our lives to inspire us, to encourage us. Sometimes they come into our lives and hurt us, but they make us even stronger.
These girls came into my life and inspired me. They make me want to write some fantastic children's story.
In fact, children are the most inspiring sort of humans that I've ever met.

I'm still a kid on the inside.
I'm curious about everything, I love strange things and new things. I love adventure and risks and life.
I suppose that when you stop being curious, you aren't a kid any longer. I will never stop being curious, and therefore I will never be old. I will never stop inventing whimsical worlds in my head and writing them down.

My mother is always getting on to me for that; for going so far off into my head that I don't hear whatever it is that she's just said. I admit that it does cause problems some times, but one day it'll pay off...I hope.
There are just so many things to see every day. There is so much to learn.
There are not enough hours in the day and the night combined for me to accomplish all that I want to do.
And I guess that is something that I'm afraid of. I am afraid of dying without knowing all that I wanted to know and without seeing all of the beautiful places and people that I wanted to see.
But I suppose that is one of humankind's great curses. We have such a short time here and so much of it is wasted. I want to live the best life for me. I don't want to grow old (physically) and look back with regrets.
But I know I will, because I am a very melancholy person. Sometimes I am so bright and enthusiastic, and other times I know that I am dark and sort of dismal.
I feel like I'm always going to be this way, and I guess that's alright. It's just another thing that makes me who I am.

To the girls that I babysat this summer: Thank you for allowing me to have a job that didn't involve working.
I hope that one day I can write something for you two.

Peace, love, and Paper Cranes,

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