Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Lies of Procrastination

I am a huge procrastinator.
I'm not the absolute worst, but I am pretty bad.

Take right now for instance. I should be studying psychology. I should be answering the questions for English, finishing the study guide for History, or a number of other things. But what am I doing? Writing a blog post that will not make any major contributions to society. In fact, this blog post won't really do anything at all besides outline the typical lies that I and my fellow procrastinators tell ourselves.

Meh, there's plenty of time: Wrong! Most likely, there isn't plenty of time. But I am very good at deceiving myself into thinking that I have all the time in the world before a deadline. Sometimes, when my life gets very difficult to manage, I make lists of everything I need to do in one day. Does it ever get done? Only sometimes.

I'll just do it tomorrow: This one usually isn't a lie for me... depending on what is actually due the next day.
If the assignment is due the next day, I go to great lengths to see that it's finished. As a Professional Procrastinator, I feel that half of my job description says, "Get the job done by any means necessary... when you feel like it".

Pinterest/Blogger couldn't hurt: False. False, false, false! No matter what I tell myself, Pinterest and Blogger are HUGE time suckers for me. Usually, I'll get on Pinterest with this in mind, "I'll only stay on for a few minutes and I won't start pinning anything". An hour and 100 re-pins later, I snap out of the hypnotic powers of the internet, and get back to work. Until, that is, I remember Spotify.

I'll just play my playlist: This almost never happens. Because, when using Spotify, I quickly locate the "related artists" tab and I can't resist clicking on it. I end up surfing through the software, listening to bands I've never heard of, and finding new favorite songs. Consequently, I make a new playlist to hold all of my findings, and the process starts over again.

One episode, and then back to work: Netflix is a very devilish invention. It lures you in with its promises for unlimited TV show episodes, and then it ruins your life. Why? Because you become addicted to these shows. Or at least I do. I know I'm not the only one!  Every single time I decide, "Hey! I've been working hard. I deserve a Doctor Who break!" I not only feel like some sort of geeky addict, but I know that one episode is never an option. Many episodes must be watched. Even if I have seen the episode about ten other times.

What about you? Can you think of any lies that you tell yourself to just keep procrasinating? Or are you someone who has learned the secrets to NOT put things off until the last minute. I'm curious, so drop me a comment or email me on the Say, Sara page.

Peace, love, and felines,

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